WHAT’S STUCK IN MY EAR? – Marilyn Armstrong

“It’s a bit stuffy in here,” I said. “Maybe I should turn on the air conditioner?”

“What’s stuck in my ear?” Garry looked alarmed.

I collapsed and I just couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t even answer him. All I could do was howl. Tears were pouring down my cheeks. “I … ” and then I’d laugh some more. “I mean …” More hysterical laughter.

Eventually, I managed to tell him that the air conditioner was not stuck in his ear and what I’d said was “It’s a bit stuffy in here …”

And that is why he needs that cochlear implant.

The surgery is scheduled for July 20th with pre-op on July 9 and surgical followup August 6. With a lot of audiologist visits in between.

There was no air conditioner stuck in his ear. It’s too big.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

30 thoughts on “WHAT’S STUCK IN MY EAR? – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. It’s actually huge and I only wish this had been available to him a lot sooner in his life. It’s going to mean a lot of changes and I’m not sure yet how many will be MY changes and how many will be HIS. Life just keeps changing!

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    1. Unless it is your problem or you’ve lived closely with someone who can’t hear, it’s hard to realize how much it changes your life. How difficult it becomes to have a normal conversation. How many stupid arguments you have because he thinks he heard “A” but you said “D” and even though you KNOW he’s deaf, he hates admitting it. In the last few years, it has been easier to exchange emails than try to talk.

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  1. OMG, I could picture the startled look on Garry’s face, wondering what it was. x fingers and toes, Garry and Marilyn that this is an answer for Garry and he’ll hear. I’ve witnessed videos on fb that other friends sent and it’s amazing, the difference! Thank you for the delightful humour (not shared at Garry’s expense) but with love and laughter. I’m so good at this, the stories I could tell you…my kids would kill me if I did!

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        1. I tried to answer him and I totally collapsed. The thing is “It’s a bit stuffy in here” does sound enough like “Something’s stuck in your ear” that I can see how he made the leap. SO funny.


          1. OMG that was! my kids hate doing anything funny around me because I too collapse into doubled over laughter and then have something hilarious to say and it sticks. Once my daughter walked in and thought the candle smelled pretty, walked over to it to sniff it, but was over the flame and sucked the flame into her nose…every time I light a candle….. LMAO

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  2. I howled. Mildly hearing impaired myself, as is my partner. I do know how it goes.

    And it also reminded me of the kid joke that ends “I can’t hear you, I have a banana in my ear”.


  3. Garry, wishing you great results with the upcoming surgery! I fear my ears are getting stuffier all the time. Dan says I need a hearing aid–we’ll see what the doctor has to say later this week.


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