A SECOND ORCHID – Marilyn Armstrong

Flower of the Day

There are several more buds close to blooming and at least two more sprigs are up and growing, gradually uncurling. I think I will have quite a few orchids before all is said and done. 

Garry went and sniffed them today. I was just wondering if they smell as good as they look. I’m so allergic I can’t smell anything, but Garry said he couldn’t smell anything much either.

I love my orchids, but other than the difficulty of getting them to bloom, why do we grow them? They aren’t more beautiful than other flowers, although I think they last rather longer than most flowers.

I’m just enjoying the blooming when I never expected them to sprout, much less bloom. 

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

13 thoughts on “A SECOND ORCHID – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I think it’s the chilly room and the lack of artificial lights. That’s also why the Christmas cactus does so well in there. We keep our heat very low. It started because the price of fuel was so high, but it turns out a cool house and a sweater is healthier, too. Not freezing cold, but cool. Like 67 or 68 degrees (19.5 C). We get fewer colds. If it drops much below that, I turn up the heat, but that’s a very good temperature for both of us. AND the plants.

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  1. That’s a phaleonopsis, or “moth orchid,” MrsA, just in case you didn’t know. It reblooms with exposure to a 10-15 degree F temperature drop for about a month to six weeks. Best practice… after it drops last flower, cut stem of flower spike down to about a half inch. After it’s grown a completely new leaf, if you find place you can lower temp 10-15 degrees for at least 12 hour nights, it will start a new spike (what the blooms come on). Then put back wherever you had before. It will slowly grow spike and buds and bloom again.


    1. That’s our dining room. We keep our heat very low and the dining room can get downright chilly. Also, I rarely turn on the lights, so almost ALL the light they get is window light. This works brilliantly on the Christmas cactus too. Natural light and a room that’s not cold like outside, but definitely cooler than normal.


  2. Our younger daughter came over for an early Father’s Day and brought an orchid for her dad. I could see by the new one that what I thought was a stem was really a root. No wonder it didn’t bloom. I cut them back and fed a small amount of molasses water to it. Sure hope it sends out a stem.


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