Fandango’s Provocative Question #50

So this week’s question is:

My answer is exceedingly simple.

Hell, no.

I’ve enjoyed my life. Even the bad stuff was interesting. One of the things Garry and I love about getting old together is that we don’t feel like we missed anything. We did everything we could as often as we could. We didn’t get to every city or every historic site, but we did a lot and it was tons of fun.

It wasn’t great for our longterm financial future, but damn, we have wonderful memories. And because we’ve known each other so long, many of those memories are together — before we were married.

There are pieces of my life I wish I could fix, but life, as a whole, has been fascinating — good, bad, and in between!

16 thoughts on “PROVOCATIVE QUESTION #50: REDOING LIFE? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I agree with Marilyn & Leslie.


    It’s been a long, long trail to get here. Not sure how many miles left to go.


  2. Oh,Marilyn–I looked at the question and before I even saw your response, said the same thing: Hell, no. Life’s been OK. Why try to change the unknown? Happy Thanksgiving to you and Garry.


  3. You’ve both lived such fascinating interesting lives, that what’s to change? I suppose not having a wonky back would be good in your case, and Garry might skip the deafness, but geez. Neither thing slowed either of you down at all! You can look back at a life very well lived. I think that’s fabulous!!


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