FAT SQUIRRELS! – Marilyn Armstrong

We don’t have the fastest, leaping squirrels. They don’t do tricks. What they do is hang around and eat. A lot. I took some pictures. You tell me if this squirrel doesn’t have the fattest butt you’ve seen on a wild squirrel!

Impressionist squirrels. So they don’t all look exactly the same.

Looking around. Are there any more feeders? I could use another snack.

A well-rounded bottom

All he needs is a golf club and he’ll look like you-know-who but with MUCH better hair.

28 thoughts on “FAT SQUIRRELS! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. That’s a pretty tame butt for a winter squirrel. They really store up the food inside, especially if they sense a harsh winter. I’ve got a picture of a squirrel who could pass for a gray soccer ball…

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    • I’m pretty sure where he gets his food!

      This morning I was up earlier than usual and there was a squirrel (old fatty) up there chowing down. But when another fatty chased him away and then a third guy showed up, I opened the door and said “Okay squatters! It’s 10:30. Come back for your evening fillup.” I use — I’m not kidding — probably close to 100 pounds of seeds a month. I’m pretty sure it’s not the birds eating that much. Well, maybe the woodpeckers. Those guys are like the squirrels and they aren’t even supposed to EAT seeds.
      I’m down to my last bag of seeds. All black sunflower seeds which are not a healthy diet without other seeds mixed in, so reluctantly I ordered another 10-pound bag of mixed (all organic if you please) seeds. We wouldn’t want them to eat UNHEALTHY seeds, right?

      They are completely unafraid of me and Garry. Unless we go out there and physically chase them away (sometimes, they won’t leave), they hang on to those feeders like glue. Garry is like that in an “all you can eat Sushi bar.” They begin to flinch when they see him arrive with his plate. He’s smiling. They aren’t. At least we pay to eat.

      Garry feels they should do a little work around here. They do — in the summer — clean up all the fallen seeds and we dump the bottom of the feeders on the ground below the deck, so all the ground-feeders (and all those squirrels) eat there, too.

      I swear these squirrels are laughing at us. For the warm months, I’m getting one of those power water rifles. That’ll show em. Can’t use them in the winter, but in the summer? Call it a bath.


    • Sometimes, they try to sit on the bottom ledge and the whole feeder falls to the ground below. That’s why one of them is all bent out of shape.

      Serves them right. I can’t BELIEVE how much birdseed we buy. Between the dog food and birdseed, it’s amazing WE have food.

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