I’m Coronavirus dum de do de day

I came to you from China far away (Hey!)

I heard you weren’t ready

With your government unsteady

Oh, yippee oh doodle yo ki-yay! (Hey!)

Oh what fun I’ll have 

As I travel everywhere

Slicing through this new world

The most fun in a hundred years, OHHHHH!

Ring around your rosy

Sing your song so posy

Grab a glass and liquor up

Settle in, be cozy. 

Another long night is on the way.

I know it’s not really funny, but after a while? We need a laugh, don’t we? 

There’s a story that goes with this. Last night I woke up around four in the morning. I had this silly poem running around in my head. I know from past painful experiences that if I don’t write it down immediately, it will be gone before I wake up in the morning. All I will remember is that I had a poem in my head, but no idea what it was. So, before the crack of dawn, I opened the Mac and wrote this down.

I figured it would be gibberish, but it was actually not that bad. Not exactly great poetry, but I thought you might need a giggle. I sure do.

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