You can’t live without news, but no one can live with it either. I don’t know how active reporters manage to cope with the news these days. It used to be a job. A hard job, an active and sometimes significant job. Now, it’s like being on the front lines in a war zone. A constant nonstop war zone. I’ve never been so glad that Garry is retired. It’s bad enough as it is, but if he had to go out there and personally deal with the maniacs and morons running our world? I’m sure he’d wind up crazier than they are.

Sometimes, I really wish the news really was fake. That we could;wish it away. Throw a spell over it and turn it into toads. Then we would not have to deal with its impact on our lives. If only.

Maybe that’s how the crazies who howl at Trump manage to do it. If they can successfully — in their minds — make the real news fake, then the yelling, screaming, chanting is like going “nah, nah, nah” when someone is saying something you don’t want to hear.  They are making it go away by making a noise and they won’t have to deal with what it. If it’s not real, it can’t hurt anyone, right? Somehow, I suspect all the screams and howls prove they do know it’s real. Like two-year-olds, they think a tantrum will make it vanish.

It didn’t work when they were two and it’s unlikely to work now. But hey, a good shriek probably feels good.

Bu Mickey Paraskevas

I think I’ll go do some keening and maybe a little high-pitched ululation. Perhaps the Duke will join me. Maybe we should all do it together. Set up a time and place and everyone can scream, screech, yowl, howl, yelp, and bay into the air and the wind will carry it around the world.

Will anyone hear us?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

2 thoughts on “FAKE NEWS IS A LOT LESS WORK”

  1. I hear you. Ziggy and I howl once a day, it seems to take some of the pressure off. I’ve stopped participating in the news (reading it), and I never know what’s going on, exactly. But that’s done wonders for my blood pressure too.


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