Arthur Poisson, who has worked for us before, does beautiful work. When he is done with a job, it looks finished. He says his goal is when he’s done, it should look like it has always been that way … and it does. There’s not a scrap of garbage around and everything is absolutely perfect. The quality of the doors he put up in the kitchen are so much better than anything I could have afforded and the man said it will never rot, never need painting. And it perfectly matches the front door, probably because he bought it at the same place we bought the front door. He probably checked the records. We have … gasp … matching doors! And the back door has a lock and keys and everything. Like a real door is supposed to have.

He got the whole thing done in a day and Duke helped. Garry things the Duke needs a special sweater that says “supervisor” on it. Both men had dogs of their own, so they didn’t find anything odd about chatting with the dog while they worked. I would have taken more pictures, but it’s a really bad angle from the dark kitchen out into the bright porch and everything is off in a corner. I’ll take a few more pictures in the morning. It was very exciting. This contractor cost about 10% more than the other contractors and boy, is he worth every penny!

As we were finishing up this job, I started to add in my head the work we’ve had done on the house over the past three years. This is NOT counting all the work we had done before then … but it added up to a staggering number and suddenly, I realized why we are broke. Garry pointed out that at least we had something to show for it. It wasn’t like we spent it all eating out or buying fancy clothing. True, but I think by now we’ve bought the house at least twice. We aren’t finished because next, we have to do something with the kitchen — like buy cabinets. Also, we need to replace the deck. And paint and fix the floor. We won’t get it all done but at least the things that were worrying me are done — for now. The house is 50 years old which for a house of this type is quite old enough.

I realize that this may not be your most exciting moment, but it’s exciting for us. The door we’ve had came with the house. A 50-year old dark brown dutch door. I loved the old dutch door, but it couldn’t be repaired anymore. And it leaked like a sieve all winter. So finally, I saved the money from the last government grant and it paid for the doors. It looks great and it matches our front door. It also lightens up the kitchen. I didn’t think it would make such a big difference.

It looks so bright!

From the dining room

And one last one from the kitchen. As you can see, we are a bit tight on space.

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  1. Well done. I LOVE working people, artists, dedicated men and women with pride in their work. My son did a little garden at our rental ((which we were not allowed but did anyway) and at the end of his labour he said: Don’t ever tell anybody that I built this. I would never dare delivering such a work. It looked pretty perfect to me…. I’m also really glad that you CAN enjoy a job well done – it’s SO important. When we ripped out the old and awful bathtub in our French house and had a new bathroom with an Italian shower installed, it changed our lives. Every morning we were joyful to be able to have such a great shower….


  2. Congratulations on your lovely ‘new’ kitchen and beautiful new door! Quality craftsmanship is a thing not often found these days, and aren’t you lucky to have a contractor who appreciates that skill and utilizes it? Now it sounds like you’re pretty ready for the winter….


  3. To find someone like that is a real bonus. The door looks lovely.


  4. Home is one’s stronghold, so when a good craftsman restores its failings, it’s like having a shining knight come along. Joy in the good work done, and joy in the fine new door – with more light too!


    • I didn’t realize how much brighter it would be with more window and less wall. That’s a real plus and the white door is — just because it’s white — a real bonus. Next job will be if we can ever save up the money, to replace the rear deck which is old and wooden and splintery. But we are officially out of money until something happens.

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  5. It’s nice when you can tick another job off the list even though you nearly always find another one to add to it.Maybe the contractor could buy the door at trade rates but even so you got a good deal.


    • I still need a tree guy. We’ve got some dead ones. I don’t think they’ll land on the house, but they will definitely land on the driveway. ONE needs to come down very soon because it’s all tangled up with electric wires. They really have to do that one. I don’t think the tree people will touch it, not with live wires wrapped around the upper branches.

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      • Yes, we need a tree guy too. We have one that is almost certainly dead and another that has a dead branch. Next door neighbour would like us to remove a couple of others because they shed leaves in her garden but that’s probably going to have to wait. The one that might fall on our mutual fence concerns me more.


  6. It’s bigger than my kitchen, and your door is nicer too!


    • It’s a VERY crowded kitchen. If I didn’t cook and bake, it would be fine, but I keep USING the room. But the door does look great and it will never rot or even need painting! AND it doesn’t leak and has a functional storm window/screen thingie.

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      • I guess mine is similar and functional too. I wish I had a little more counter space, but I have survived this long so I guess it will do. Your door looks great for that room. I love that it has glass and allows you to see out. I have a wood backdoor.


        • He did a beautiful job. It looks like it belongs there and has always been there. And it lets in a LOT more light and the storm door is an actual storm door. The old one was held together with gaffer’s tape and the screen was broken. It opens and closes so nicely. That’s the last one on this year’s official list. There are more and more will demand doing. Oh, right, I also need to get a tree guy here. We have three trees we need taken down before they take down all the wiring to the house. One I think the electric company should handle because there are already wires entangled with it and I don’t know if someone else will go near it.

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  7. It’s beautiful! May it keep you dry and cozy and warm during the winter!

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    • I put all that government money into savings for this. I was just waiting for the contractor to have time for the work. He gave me much better quality doors than I expected. He didn’t make much of a profit on me because I KNOW what those doors cost because I priced them at Koopman’s myself. He was really really NICE about it, too.


  8. I’m glad you finally managed to get the door done 🙂 x


    • Owen was afraid that the wall was rotting, but it wasn’t. I knew it wasn’t but he was worried. Today is the 10th anniversary of my double mastectomy. Funny how the timing works out. It feels like yesterday. Keep breathing for me. We need you.


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