CFFC: City Structures Cities are unique. Some city centers have a dam and a waterfall, others have tall buildings or cobblestone streets. Occasionally, you can see a tall ship on the wharf. It depends on the town.


CFFC: Abandoned Buildings or Barns In the early 2000s, there were a lot of old, nearly collapsed barns and sheds, as well as long-abandoned mills. Since then many old wooden mills have burned down, but anything reasonably solid was renovated and… Read More ›


Our house needs many things. The roof looks good and we got a new boiler, did basic repair on the deck, and lots of other stuff — all of which got fully paid for. That is why we are so… Read More ›


My favorite place in Jerusalem was the Western Wall, sometimes incorrectly called the “Wailing Wall.” In Hebrew, it’s Kotel — it rhymes with motel. I used to go to the Kotel to leave messages for God. We all believed messages left there… Read More ›


ATOP THE HOUSE How’s your roof? Ours is okay, so far. No loose shingles. No leaks. No holes. It’s just that it’s 20 years old and every time I look at it, I start to worry. Who knew we’d live… Read More ›