CFFC: City Structures Cities are unique. Some city centers have a dam and a waterfall, others have tall buildings or cobblestone streets. Occasionally, you can see a tall ship on the wharf. It depends on the town.


CFFC: Abandoned Buildings or Barns In the early 2000s, there were a lot of old, nearly collapsed barns and sheds, as well as long-abandoned mills. Since then many old wooden mills have burned down, but anything reasonably solid was renovated and… Read More ›


My favorite place in Jerusalem was the Western Wall, sometimes incorrectly called the “Wailing Wall.” In Hebrew, it’s Kotel — it rhymes with motel. I used to go to the Kotel to leave messages for God. We all believed messages left there… Read More ›


ATOP THE HOUSE How’s your roof? Ours is okay, so far. No loose shingles. No leaks. No holes. It’s just that it’s 20 years old and every time I look at it, I start to worry. Who knew we’d live… Read More ›


CBWC: Any Kind of Geometrical Shape A lot of my favorite architecture and other geometric pictures were taken in black and white. Somehow, black and white seems to work best for anything blocky and especially with sharp edges.