CFFC: City Structures

Cities are unique. Some city centers have a dam and a waterfall, others have tall buildings or cobblestone streets. Occasionally, you can see a tall ship on the wharf. It depends on the town.

Down at the wharf in Boston
Theater district, Boston
A tallish building on Beacon Hill, Boston
Main Street, Northfield MN – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Main Street, Uxbridge, MA
In Uxbridge, this is a city structure

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  1. Having worked in the UK Uxbridge for years I always find it interesting to see your photos of your very different one 🙂


    • We are “twinned” with Uxbridge in England. Somewhere in your MUCH bigger city, there’s a park bench with our town’s name on it. Yours — in this Uxbridge — is in front of our City Hall ca. 1885. There are a few Uxbridge’s around. There’s a big one up near Toronto and I’ll bet there’s one in Australia, too. Uxbridgians get around.


  2. My favorite is the Beacon Hill photo. Thanks for playing 😀


    • You are welcome. That is the tallest building on Beacon hill. It’s almost 10 stories tall. Other than church steeples, everything else is under four stories. It’s the oldest part of Boston. In fact, that was ALL of Boston when we had our revolution.


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