I really didn’t want to tramp through a foot of snow on the deck to feed the menagerie this morning, but I sort of had to do it. Two out of three feeders were empty and all the ground seeds were gone. The birds were frantic, trying to get the last couple of seeds out of the feeder, so I pulled on my new (still in the box) Aus Wooli waterproof boots.

A note about these Aus Wooli boots. They are new to the market. Compared to all the other Australian sheepskin boot makers, these boots are downright affordable (Amazon). I bought two pairs. It cost about $90 for both including tax. One pair is just ankle height (my preferred style for wet walking after the sidewalk has been cleared plus a middle-height (about 6 inches tall) pair.

More boots!

Based on today’s deck excursion, they seem to be, as advertised, waterproof. Uggs are not waterproof unless they specifically say so. Emus are usually waterproof, but since I started buying them when they were new to the market and inexpensive, their prices have skyrocketed and now almost match the price of Uggs. It’s worth checking them out if you need warm, waterproof boots and aren’t going hiking through really deep snow.

Home. With snow.

I’m addicted to sheepskin boots. It is the first time in my life my feet have been warm when there’s snow on the ground. I remember, as a kid, going sledding and wondering if my feet were completely frozen and were going to fall off at the ankles. Winter wear has come a very long way since then. Between advanced ski clothing, tops and bottoms and even lined hats and gloves, we are much warmer than we were. This is good because I feel the cold a lot more now than I did when younger.

I hate the way ski clothing looks on me. If you aren’t really skinny, ski clothing tends to make you look bloated. Actually, it made me look bloated when I was so emaciated I looked like a prison camp runaway. I’ve got wide, sloping shoulders. This means that even when everywhere else I wore was a size XXS (and sometimes that was too big), I needed a large or extra large shirt. You can get very thin, but those bones are still there.

I wear wool coats, mostly Pea coats. I used to be able to buy real — made by the U.S. Navy — pea coats on eBay, but I don’t use eBay anymore and anyway, the coats are now as expensive as they should always have been. U.S. Navy pea coats are incredibly windproof, water-resistant, and designed so you can go up on deck in the winter and not freeze. All my current coats are “designer” version and are not nearly as warm, so I layer with a little shivering.

I’m still trying to figure out current shoe sizes. Since most — even the best and most trustworthy — shoe manufacturers are sending shoes to be made in China or Vietnam, a medium (B) width fits like a narrow. The only shoes that fit the way they used to are Easy Spirit and some expensive sneakers. Sandals — like Clark’s — which ALWAYS fit are suddenly too narrow. The wide ones fit like the mediums used to fit, but most shoes don’t come in a wide width. I just got new sandals for next summer on sale because it’s the middle of winter and who but me is buying sandals. I looked at my sandals. They are all at least a decade old and some closer to 20 years. I realized the top straps are ripping away from the soles. One pair of Clark’s are being held together by a single stitch.

I loved those sandals, but you can’t find a shoemaker for love or money. No one repairs anything. In shoes, this is particularly obnoxious because they are expensive and when you find some that are comfortable, you want to keep them forever. A good shoemaker can help you keep them nearly forever. But I haven’t seen a shoe repair person in a very long time. Along with people who used to repair televisions and refrigerators, there are no more fixers. It’s bad for the environment and hard on our wallets.

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  1. I used to work in a factory where we made Ugg boots when I was a teenager, back in the days when everyone was allowed to call them Ugg boots without being taken to court.


    • You mean you can’t call them Uggs now? But that’s how they are advertised. So what else is one supposed to call them?

      The price on them has gone from a little expensive to WHOA that’s a lot of money! I looked at the prices this year and all I could say was “Not a chance.” Also, they’ve changed the design to make them look less bulky, but now it’s very hard to get your feet in and out of them (and they don’t do zippers), so they aren’t nearly as comfortable as they were.

      I was really glad to discover a new brand I could actually afford. Which is why I bought two pairs, on the theory that by next year, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford them. They would have been “discovered.”


      • I will have to look up the details but as I recall an Australian company originally came up with the name but there was a court case when larger foreign company started using the name and the creators were forbidden to use it. The trademark name is owned by Deckers Outdoor Corp but in Australia and NZ Ugg boot is a generic term for that type of boot which is obviously how you know them too.


        • I actually have Uggs brand name. But the change of ownership may also explain why the quality has changed and they aren’t as comfortable as they used to be. I also have Emus and the news ones. I know some people do use it as a general name for any sheepskin boot, but Uggs — the original ones — were the first genuinely comfortable boot I ever owned. Warm and comfortable. Then about three or four years ago, they changed. They were tighter, narrower, and a lot LESS comfortable than they had been. I figured they had a new designer who was trying to “improve them.” A lot of previously really comfortable shoes aren’t anymore. I figured it was sending everything to China for manufacturing, but I hadn’t considered different owners.

          The “new” Uggs aren’t the same as the old ones. Last year, I bought Emus which are, at least, pretty much the same as usual. This year, I didn’t even look at Uggs because they are wildly expensive and the last pair I bought was hard to get on and off my feet. If I wanted fashionable boots, I’d buy fashionable boots, not Uggs!

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  2. Loving those wooli boots!


    • I’m thrilled to have found boots I could afford. Some of my older ones are worn out … and sheepskin boots stretch, too so some of them are not too loose to wear. They just fall off my feet. They are good for about three years after which there’s a lot of stretching and they just get increasingly big. Sometimes you can save them with a heavy pair of socks. These were a blessing because I knew I couldn’t afford even one pair of the more expensive boots. What used to cost under a hundred dollars now costs closer to $200 — or even more.

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