When we started putting out suet cakes full of seeds, beef suet, and meal worms, I hoped I’d attract some of the bug-eaters — like the Robins and Bluebirds. The Robins aren’t back yet, but today the Bluebirds arrived. A whole flock of them and guess what? They headed straight for the big suet and meal worm cake.

Bluebird on a branch

I didn’t get the whole flock because by the time I got my camera focused, most of the flock had moved, but I got some of them. They are beautiful. And, best of all, they will all be back. The Bluebirds are here. Can happiness be far behind?

Same Bluebird. Same branch. Different photograph.

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  1. Happy Spring! Now nature is recoloring itself, with these petite and sweet little birds. Have a beautiful week! Michael


  2. Happy Spring!! I’ve never seen a bluebird here in Texas. But maybe, according to my bird app, only the Eastern bluebird comes this way. Time will tell.


  3. HAPPY SPRING! 💞 What a way to celebrate… xo


    • And now, we really ARE going into spring (I think). At least that’s what they said on the weather we just watched. It was supposed to snow, but instead, we got sunshine. That is one of the sure signs of climate change. They can’t predict anything anymore. The “regular” winds aren’t blowing and the ocean temperatures are much warmer than they used to be — and so instead of cold water, we get HUGE sharks. Big white ones.

      Back when they made “Jaws,” great white sharks were a rarity. Now, there are always great whites off the coast.


  4. Happiness is a flock of bluebirds visiting, along with their lilting songs. Do you have nest boxes, too? I have my fingers crossed as a mated pair have been checking out mine in the backyard. Please stay!


  5. They are so pretty! They really do bring happiness. xo


    • The only other thing I’ve ever seen that color of blue of Robin’s eggs. I’ve never seen it captured in cloth — or even on a canvas. It’s truly special and yes, they make everyone happier 😀


  6. They are absolutely gorgeous!


  7. They just don’t look real… such a lovely colour!


  8. Utterly beautiful. The heart can but sing! Thank you for the share… and the money spent on bird food.


  9. My mother always told me that there was no such thing as a bluebird… I’m glad she was wrong 🙂


    • I never saw them until last year when I got a brief look at them. I knew they were supposed to live in the area, but they don’t eat seeds — or rarely, anyway. To get them to visit, I had to buy seeds with meal worms in it and I’ve got issues with bugs and worms. BUT for the bluebirds, I did it. They don’t show up every day, but when they do, they are always a small flock of anywhere from half a dozen to a dozen or more. The color is so lovely — it doesn’t look real 🙂 They DO make us happy.


  10. These Bluebirds are so beautiful.


  11. What a lovely post to start my day, Marilyn. These little birds are beautiful.



  1. Bluebirds of happiness ~ Marilyn Armstrong | Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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