Marilyn and I just watched “Godzilla Vs, Kong.” She was having trouble figuring out the plot, but I totally figured it out. Easy!

Apex is the Super-Cyber Corp villain. Big “G” is pissed at the Apex Corp for trying to dump him without a pension or medical benefits.


Big G and Kong buddy up to take down Mega-G, a corporate bad guy. Kong and Big G eyeball each other at the end, wondering about a sequel. Kong really is “just pawn in the game of life.”

NOTE – A comment from someone who actually worked on a Kong v. Godzilla movie:

“I saw the original battle between Kong and Godzilla. Not the movie, the actual battle. Godzilla was robbed.”

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  1. I hope Kong is getting a coupe of bananas out of this.


  2. I tried watching it. I gave up about 10 minutes in.


    • I thought Garry’s review really said it all. I wrote two posts while it was on. It was great background noise. I also was surprised that Godzilla didn’t look as classy as he has in previous episodes. He looked sort of 1950s while Kong was very realistic. We actually have a friend in the special effects field and he worked on this one, so we watched it. When you have colleagues working on the set, you kinda hafta watch the movie. And this one was going to be a brand new classic. Just like all the others with a little more electronics stuff. Movies like that are best when (a) very stoned and (b) when you’re doing something else and not trying to pay attention to the details, such as they are.

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  3. I’ve kind of been wanting to see this

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