Our government seems to think there hasn’t been any inflation. I think that’s because none of them actually go shopping. They don’t scour the grocery shelves looking for a few bargains, maybe something different to eat. As it stands, we eat some version of chopped meat, pork, and chicken. We simply can’t afford anything else. I can’t even begin to explain how weary I am of our diet. I have learned a good deal of Chinese cooking, some Indian cooking. Some Tex-Mex stuff. Jewish food I have resurrected after years of missing it.

Home sweet home – or – hey, we still HAVE a home!

All that being said, the cost of food for a week costs at least twice as much as it did a year ago. It was going up even before the pandemic. Inching up, bit by bit. What had cost less than $100 was now $110 or $120. Now, it’s closer to $200 and we are getting less food.

Are the prices going to drop? Or, having raised, them, are they going to stay as high as they are? And how come they keep saying we aren’t experiencing inflation when obviously we are? Are we in “pretend” mode again? If we don’t acknowledge reality, it isn’t real?

Teaching Owen to bake was probably the best thing to come out of the long lockdown

Every time some asshole says “people aren’t going back to work because unemployment insurance is too high.” Do they realize what that says about how poorly we pay people in this country? Where working a full-time job doesn’t earn you sufficient funds to rent an apartment and buy food to eat? It isn’t because we have high taxes. We don’t have high taxes, not when compared to any other well-to-do nation. We pay a lot less and we get what we pay for, which is not very much. We still aren’t fixing the roads and bridges. We won’t pay people enough money to live on. We won’t raise social security, so people like us get poorer with each passing year.

Owen’s contributions to the household has made it possible for us to survive. I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have gotten through without him

Both of us retired 10 years ago. Retired as in Garry stopped working because his station decided they didn’t want him to get his full pension and I was too sick to keep working. That’s what real retirement looks like. The days of the gold watch and the great party with tears from colleagues is so long gone, I don’t know anyone who really retired on their own terms. They took disability, retired early, got “let go” and had to struggle with part time gigs to survive.

Some people had enough money and were able to do it with style, but the rest of us? We struggle. Each year we struggle more. At some point, no amount of struggle will enable us to eat, get medical care, and have a roof over our heads. What then?

If you don’t die young, you will get old. Old isn’t a disease. It’s what is supposed to happen. What happens to us, will happen to everyone eventually — unless they die young.

It’s worth pondering.

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  1. Yes! Agree with your points here Marilyn! I think America is a tough country to live in nowadays. I did find groceries expensive when I visited as well. Xoxo


  2. The prices keep rising and challenge a fixed income. We exist on only Social Security income, and that hardly budges. We eat only fresh fruit and vegetables, and they are expensive. As you know, there is always something to fix around a house. Currently it is the backyard fence that needs replacing before winter when it is in danger of blowing down during a wind storm. I’m going to get estimates, but am afraid it’s gong to cost a lot. I understand your concerns because they are mine as well. Whoever spread that myth about the golden years should be strung up.


    • I was outside taking pictures and I looked and realized the big living room picture window needs to be replaced. I can’t even imagine how much it will cost and we need to replace the deck. The house is 46 years old. I think we are rebuilding it, door by door and window by window. I don’t even want to look at anything, All it does is frighten me. Just one more thing and no money to get any of the work done, I feel kind of doomed. I’m also trying REALLY HARD to not think about it.


  3. The rich get richer and don’t seem to care what happens to the rest. And, since they are careful to share with the politicians, not much is done about it. Maddening.


    • It’s terrifying. Because if we don’t have a house, do we wind up in one of those dreadful old age places where they treat you like an infant and if you can’t pay them, you die? What a farce this country is becoming.


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