Fandango’s Provocative Question #126

Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19 yet? And if not, why the fuck not?

Yes, we are. All three of us. Owen and Garry got Pfizer and I got Moderna. We got them as early as we could, which was a great relief. I think Melanie answered this one very well, so I encourage you to read her post:

Fandango’s Provocative Question #126 7-14-2021.

Honestly, I don’t have much more to say about this. I’ve gone on and on about it. I think it’s fantastic that pharma for once did what they should do and got us the vaccine ready to go — and into our arms as fast as they did. This might be the only commendable thing Trump did. Of course, having done it, he then discouraged people from actually getting the vaccine, which I find beyond baffling.

Don’t Republicans want living people to vote for them?

The stupidity and insanity surrounding us? I actually never imagined this country could possibly be this dumb. I’m also blown away by the originality and complexity of current conspiracy theories. How they even managed to create these ridiculous and wildly complicated theories when a simple, factual answer tells the whole story — I mean, isn’t the simple answer usually the right one?

I don’t get it. Politics and all other non-medical issues aside, keeping people alive ought to be the only thing that matters. We’ve had MILLIONS of people die from this disease. I haven’t heard of hundred or thousands of deaths from vaccinations. Actually, I think I’ve heard about maybe half a dozen and that would be worldwide.

I talked a doctor yesterday about the likelihood of needing to get an annual “booster” for COVID-19. It would be like a flu shot. COVID-19 is related to the flu. It sort of is the flu in a super-duper kind of way. So I said “wouldn’t it be great if they could package it into ONE shot.”

Flu is one of many COVID diseases along with head-colds and every version of the flu. I think flu was the original when it popped up in 1918. One maxi shot could maybe give us a couple of bad days, but at least we’d be fully vaccinated for a year.

I’m baffled by our national level of idiocy. And wouldn’t you think Republicans would want to keep their voters alive? Dead ones have a poor record at the polls.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m glad my words resonated. It’s truly amazing that such a thing is even an issue, but then I thought the endless crap about T-dump and his boys was stupid too. I was clear about my point of view of that twerp and I don’t mention him at all, but it seems that there are those ‘on his side’ who refuse to shut up about him. The latest ‘cheery’ news is that he’ll try to run in 2024. Yeah. Covid? Take me away!! It’s too stupid to survive down here! Thanks Marilyn! ❤ I'm glad you and Garry are vaccinated, and your son too.


  2. Thank you for being a voice of sanity! There is so much misinformation, lies and distortions floating around. How could public health become politicized? Talk about insanity! Getting vaccinated is not only a medical issue, it is a moral one. If you can do something to slow the spread of COVID-19 and perhaps even eradicate it, but fail to do so, then you are not only a jerk, but a criminal who is endangering everyone. It that simple. I have a couple of acquaintances who refuse to get their inoculations. I’ve told them that if the do get COVID not to come crying to me!


    • The anti-vax movement over the past decade has appalled me. I still think they should not allow a child to enter school without vaccinations — barring some bizarre illness that makes vaccination impossible. Whooping cough has come back. It was gone, now it’s back.

      Do all these anti-vaxxers think that people lived longer and better lives before modern medicine? Because if that is what they think, they are really really REALLY wrong.

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      • I’m pretty sure that kids that don’t get standard shots like MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) are barred from schools around here. As they should be. I had a coworker who came down with whooping cough. It’s not pretty. Apparently, after about 10 years or so, you need a booster for that one. Who knew?


  3. I may have a faulty memory but it did not seem political when Salk came up with a polio vaccine. It seemed like we all celebrated the breakthrough.

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    • Precisely! That’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along!


    • I remember being in the long line at school to get my polio shot. Everyone waited. Everyone got the shot. The next year they came out with an oral version, but for the first two years it was shots. Every mother was thrilled that we were getting vaccinated. But we weren’t nearly as stupid back then. We’re a lot dumber now.


  4. I am thrilled to be vaxxed!

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  5. I got my 1st Pfizer vaccine back in January–by Valentine’s Day I was fully protected. My son and DIL too. I try to understand other points of view just cos that’s my personality but unless one has a medical condition that would prohibit one from getting the vaccine, I don’t really understand. A good friend died in early January just at the time he could have gotten the first released vaccine as he was a doc. It was and is such a tragedy. I still mask in public and when I’m flying which I’ve done a few times and will fly again on Sat. Honestly, seeing the toll the Delta variant is taking on the unvaxxed in the red states, I don’t feel too sorry for them.

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    • Amen! Who ever heard of people saying, “Oh, no! Don’t give me the polio vaccine!” or “Small pox vaccine? Never!” People have lost their ability to weight pluses and minuses. Fear of a few minor side effects trumps death? Only in Bizzaro World.

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    • I tried to understand too. But I don’t. Okay, COVID isn’t always as lethal as say Bubonic Plague, but it seems to have managed to kill off millions anyway. When the vaccines came out, I was DESPERATE to get them. Garry and I are both old enough and have enough issues that it would have been lethal for both of us.

      I’m pretty sure I’ll never get on another airplane. To be fair, I always got sick on planes anyway. It’s that recirculating air. One person coughs and the whole flight gets the flu.

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    • Garry was the first person to get shots, probably because he was the oldest so he was in that first batch. Then me, then my DIL, granddaughter (they were working at a vaccine clinic) and then my son. All my friends are fully vaccinated as is everyone I count as family. I think the only angry arguments we had about them was that the sites were so far away and we live in a huge county and had NO sites set up. So we were pissed that we couldn’t GET the vaccine fast enough.

      It couldn’t be too fast for us!

      I have heard from others that people literally DIED of COVID while screaming ‘I can’t be dying! IT’S A HOAX!”

      Now THAT is REALLY dumb.

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    • I have to feel sorry for those in the “Red” states for allowing a “would-be” dictator to mess with their health. I don’t get flu shots all the time but this thing is different, and should not be ignored.

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