CFFC: Goldfinch in full feather

The Goldfinch are mating, so the boys are in their finest, brightest feathers. Birds are very visual, so the brightest, prettiest boys get their chosen ladies. I’m not sure they really choose ladies. I think most of them are happy to get one. Any bird lady.

Some birds do more complicated mating rituals including dancing, crowing, singing, bringing special foods, building a perfect nest. But for the brightly colored birds, it’s all about bright feathers.

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  1. Your photos are really outstanding. I can imagine you waiting with your camera ready and with enormous patience to get the right shot and your satisfaction when you see such beautiful images as a result. I enjoy taking pictures of nature, but I have to admit that those tiny birds moving so fast are too difficult for me. Congrats!


  2. Oh, how sweet! I have seen goldfinches around my neighborhood, but they are so busy flitting from tree to tree that I never have the chance to photograph them!


    • That’s why they are NEVER in focus. They never stay still long enough to get a clean focus, at least not while the weather is warm. They don’t move nearly as much when it gets colder, though the finches usually fly south if it gets really cold. The Chickadees stay all year round.


  3. Congratulations! I featured this post on my CFFC challenge.

    CFFC: Blue

    I hope you have a terrific day.

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    • Thank you so much! Your appreciation means so much to me! I think I may have gotten a couple of finch pictures today that are actually in focus. One of them was sitting pretty still for about 30 second, so I got like five shots in before he twittered away 🙂


  4. Now that goldfinch is a bright yellow 😀


    • Thank you! When Goldfinches are mating — which is all summer right into November, they are like flashes of light in the woods. You can see them from anywhere. That’s the color I wanted to paint my kitchen, but it’s not an easy color to find.


  5. That’s funny. I just got another pair of parakeets, and one was the most brilliant yellow (barely any white or anything else) that I’d ever seen. I ended up naming it Mellow Yellow (and yes, I had the Donovan song playing in my head when I saw it).


    • That song lives on in many of our heads! Though this color is not very mellow. I had a yellow parakeet many years ago too, but they have bred them to have much richer colors now than back then. We had two: one blue, one yellow. They were very easy to tame.

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  1. CFFC: Blue – Cee's Photo Challenges

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