Threads of a Tree – Tree Leapers

We have an old tree in the back just behind the deck. It has been slowly fading over the past few years. Last year, it must have picked up some kind of boring insect. A slew of woodpeckers went to work on it. And this year, I notice that the tree looks a little healthier and the woodpeckers have lost interest.

This is the favorite tree of birds and squirrels – but it’s showing its age
Had to cut off one branch. It used to shade the deck, but had lost all its leaves

What lives or lived in it?

Sitting just above her nest
One of the many woodpeckers — this is a Downy Woodpecker — who worked on getting all the bugs out of the tree
Red-Bellied Woodpecker high in the old tree
On a branch next to the deck — an orange lady Cardinal

Good-bye July! This is my second summer hiding from COVID. I do hope we find a way to convince the unvaccinated to get shots. I’d like to have a little more of our life back!

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  1. Yay for woodpeckers bring healthiness back to a tree! What a second strange July we have all had, here’s to a better late summer


    • All we can do it hope at this point. I’m so frustrated by these idiots who refuse to be vaccinated because there might be “side effects” eventually. How about immediate side effects — like death?


  2. Great shots today, Marilyn. I especially loved the 5th and the 7th.


  3. You are so very welcome. We have so many trees. It’s great when I have the opportunity to show them off a little bit 😀



  1. The Last Tree – The life of B

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