CBWC: Weather

Black & white is THE best way to show a sky and clouds.

Just under 28 inches.

From the Phoenix desert, to Connecticut rivers, to the Blackstone Valley. As Joni Mitchell said, “Clouds get in my way…”

Black & White

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  1. Congratulations! I featured this post in the week’s CBWC challenge.

    CBWC: Patterns

    I sure hope you’ve had a great week.


  2. I adore all the dramatic skies you have captured 😀 😀


  3. We had a couple of small storm cells go through last night — thunder and lightning, and 5 minutes of heavy rain. Quite a surprise in this area, where we seldom see such storms!


    • We seem to get rain every Wednesday and Thursday. We may get it other days too, but inevitably it rains in the middle of the week. Which doesn’t mean it isn’t raining any other time. It has been a very wet summer and a very HOT summer. I really don’t feel like we had “summer” this year.


  4. I assure you I hve thousands of clouds collected. I also include them always in my mini videos I produce when I’m going somewhere. One of the perks of my quite smart smartphone! Triple camera lens and I can produce mini films, register choir hymns, concert pieces, listen to myself and HH’s playing the cello & piano….
    Really love that small airplane and the other six pics 😉


    • I had hoped to get a ride on the antique flying machine, but it was too late in the day. I love little airplanes!

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      • I bet you would have loved that. I would have too. It looks so cute, sailing through the clouds!


        • The only problem I’ve ever had with little planes is that when you get all the way up — like 10,000 feet (normal flying height for a small plane), it gets REALLY COLD. Especially the floor of the plane. I eventually learned to wear socks and shoes and bring a jacket!

          In theory little planes are more dangerous than big ones, but really, they aren’t. For one thing, little planes can glide. Commercial planes can’t. Most crashes of small planes are caused by pilots and errors, often people flying under conditions for which they are not quite ready. That is what happened with John Kennedy Jr. We were on the Vineyard when his plane went down. Martha’s Vineyard airport is notoriously hard to approach and he wasn’t good enough with flying using controls through all kinds of weather.


  5. Love these photos. I used to take bnw photos. This post just inspired me to do one. Thanks!!

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  6. HI Marilyn, these are lovely pictures. Snow works so well in black and white. The last picture is great. I am wondering what you can see that I can’t. Happy Friday.

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  1. CBWC: Patterns – Cee's Photo Challenges

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