Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Autumn Magic

There’s nothing like some sunshine on a crisp day at the beginning of fall to get us moving. We haven’t been doing much moving. We’ve been unreasonably tired since the lockdown. We aren’t sick, but we are achy and exhausted. We’re both vaccinated — and I got my booster shot yesterday.

The booster probably accounts for my extra aches. Apparently the booster has the same effect as the original “second dose” — in this case, Pfizer.

We had an interesting interchange at the pharmacy. We had our cards and paperwork. Marilyn’s not due for a booster yet and since she got the Moderna, we aren’t sure if she will need one, at least not for a while.

I, on the other hand, got Pfizer and my ancient bones warrant a booster because I’m (sigh) old. I don’t feel old. My brain is alive and well, except for forgetting everything but that seems to be part of getting older.

When they pulled our papers from the official CDC records, it showed both of us as having gotten three vaccinations. Each. In Marilyn’s case, she would have gotten the Moderna shot twice in three days. Mine showed that I got three vaccinations, two Pfizer and one Moderna. This is not what our cards showed (and the cards were signed by the doctor who administered the shots) while the CDC records are just what someone input to the computer. No doctor or pharmacist would have given anyone two vaccinations two days apart or given both vaccines to the same client.

Marilyn pointed out that there was obviously an error. When the pharmacist started to say: “But the computer…”

Marilyn, who has gotten tired of hearing people refer to computers as the nearest thing to God, said: “The computer isn’t God. You do not have to obey it. This is a mistake. Override it.” The pharmacist looked at the cards, then looked at the CDC report, suggested we call to straighten it out and Marilyn said “No, I don’t think so.” Eventually, after consultation with the rest of the staff, everyone agreed it was an input error and decided to give this old guy his booster.

It was cold enough last night to need an extra blanket. I’m hoping that now the colors will really begin. Meanwhile, there’s a touch of Autumn in the vines and trees, but it’s not quite here. Yet.

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  1. So many errors – Computer error due to human error! And narrowly avoided another human error – lack of common sense!

    I love the images you showed and I’m pleased you chose to share them with our Weekly Prompts challenge. Thank you, Garry.


  2. Glad to know that you are fit and fine Garry. Absolutely a delight to see you both rocking and clicking merrily. Much love, Soul


  3. Glad you got your booster, Garry. I am sure there would not be nearly the reluctance to the Covid vaccine, if these agencies (and agents, pharmacists, whatever) would get their poop together. I am totally pro any vaccine that is going to spare me illness down the road and I have gotten ‘almost’ frustrated enough to say to heck with it.


  4. glad you eventually got your vaccine garry! computers can be wrong! 😀

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  5. “But the computer…”–spare me, oh great pharmacist. And the CDC records looked right to him? Houston, we have a problem.

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    • It was so OBVIOUSLY an error. Then telling me to call the CDC to straighten it out? Assuming they actually would fix it — which I doubt — I could see me spending an entire day on hold, getting cut off, being passed from one idiot to another. And it was so clearly wrong. Fortunately, they worked it out by ignoring the computer printout and looking at the cards signed by the doctor. That whole “we can’t use our brains because the computer says…” makes me CRAZY.

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    • Lois, I had my medical records confirming my COVID vaccs and still the pharmacy folks said they didn’t jibe with the computer.

      Reminded me of an NCIS episode when Gibbs, clearly fed up with computers, went to the computer HQ’s and blasted the hell out of the computers with his AK-47. Golly, I LOVED that scene!

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