Our past has passed

I can’t believe October is over and we are heading into winter. Well, really, my body knows it. Every joint hurts and I’m cold all the time. I won’t be cold forever. The chill feels much chillier now than it will in January. By then, a 68 Fahrenheit (20 centigrade) temperature will feel like springtime by mid-winter.

My last square photo for October 2021
He has long, red hair. Well feathers. But it looks like long hair

It only rained in the morning today, though I think we are back to rain tomorrow. We got a few hours of sunshine and the birds, at least, were very happy. We gave them a good feeding and at one point, had eight doves pecking at the white millet which none of the other birds will eat.

A Mourning Dove from last June’s squares

I’m really not ready for winter or for the holiday or for anything. I’m still waiting for the rain to stop falling so we can go and take those last autumn photographs. No matter how unready I am, it’s coming like an out of control freight train.

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13 replies

  1. I would steal your macro lens one day …..but what will i do with it? I am not Marilyn, right ? Let it be with you and I would have a feast of such perfect shots. ):


  2. It does look like a red wig! The dove is such a pretty photo. November?! How in the heck did that happen?


  3. a fabulous three to finish with, such a lovely post.


  4. Wow, that bird really does look like he’s got actual red hair rather than feathers!


  5. Take good care, Marilyn,
    Winter is coming over there,
    But summer is coming here.


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