The Bare Oddities, or should I say Square Necessities

I am not getting email on time. Sometimes, it take hours to get an email I sent from my iPhone to my computer — photographs, for example. Sometimes, mail I sent never gets where it was sent or shows up days late. I’m not sure who is the culprit — Charter or Google. It could be either. It could be both. It could be gremlins.

Orchids on a branch

This is my favorite to date. It’s not photoshopped except for being a little brighter. Mostly, all the drawings are unprocessed except for cropping and, as in this case, brightening. When I take the photographs, I have a bad habit of standing in my own light.

This is squared and it came out much better than I dared hope. It should be white, but I needed shading to give it “form.” So far, flowers seem to be what I do best.

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  1. I have often wondered why the photographed paper is never white…


    • I think some is. There are options in the more expensive paper from quite dark (sepia more or less) to completely white. I haven’t been buying the best paper, but I have seen options for white, sepia, dark sepia, and occasionally, black. I’m not sure why the basic choice isn’t white, however. I’m sure someone knows the answer. Maybe Google knows?


  2. oh this is such a lovely one

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  3. It’s a beauty. 🥰

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