CMMC April Colors Yellow or Purple

I just happen to have some lovely purple orchids — and a few other purples to go with them.

Purple Orchids
Purple Crocus – Hearts of yellow
Purple on the Prudential Tower
Yellow and red peppers
Purple and white ground cover on a stone wall. The house is yellow – Photo: Owen Kraus

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20 replies

  1. Enjoyed them all. 😊


  2. A nice selection 🙂 The shot of the peppers is my favourite, it’s so vibrant!


  3. Purple is my favourite colour! and to see these beautiful blooms really made my morning!
    And those yellow & red peppers … stunning! I wonder what they taste like ….

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    • Thanks! Those peppers were so beautiful it seemed a pity to eat them. They taste like all the other sweet peppers. I think they are a cross between red and yellow peppers, but looking at them in the stand they were art. We ate them anyway because it would have been a terrible pity to waste them, lovely though they were.

      Purple is one of my favorite colors and might be my favorite color for flowers. It was easy to find these colors since so many flowers are purple and many are both yellow and purple in one flower – though I think Cee’s yellow and purple iris was the most gorgeous combination I’ve every seen.

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      • My favourite colour is purple too! And I love purple flowers very much!

        I’ve had a very dark purple pepper – but like you experienced with the artful peppers, they taste pretty much like other sweet peppers. I like the idea of purple fruit & veg containing anthocyanins though, so I would eat them any day even if they taste like their other-coloured counterparts.


  4. What a treat to see such a glorious show of purple! The peppers look brilliant too. Brightened my day no end. 🙂

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  5. Marilyn, I like your yellow and purples for this week. Great entry. 😀

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  6. Those peppers are beautiful–almost too pretty to eat.

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  7. Mostly our crocus’ is blue and light purple.
    But we got yellow ones too.
    S’all good for me.

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