It was Earth Day yesterday. I remember the very first Earth Day, how proud we were that we had “done something.” Well, we didn’t really do much. Walt Kelly said:

The enemy hasn’t changed. It’s still us and until we change our attitude, it will always be us.

Earth Day isn’t enough. We need an Earth Century in which we try really hard to actually fix a few of the many things we have broken. We won’t expect perfection or anything close, but considering all the bad stuff we’ve done, how about we do something good? Everyone can do something. Feed a few birds. Throw some veggies at the woodchucks. Clean up a little piece of woods and stop dropping trash in the rivers. I’m pretty sure everyone can vow to find a trash can and stop littering, right?

Or, to put it another way:

I know we all think we need to do Something Big, maybe even monumental. I think if everyone did anything, even if it’s a very small thing, we might accomplish something. Right now, we aren’t doing anything except making a lot of hot air.

And from Bizarro:

Earth’s day in court

Feed some wild creatures. Squirrels. Birds, Turkeys. Build a bird house. Better yet, build a bat house. Put up a feeder. Protect your planet with the same energy you use to protect your lawn!

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  1. Yes! A wonderful post, Marilyn. I was living in my RV, and had just accepted a job at a campground in Alaska which would’ve put me closer to my oldest son and family, and then Covid hit. While I stayed out here in my home state reports from other RVers were this: “Too many new visitors to National Parks and campground with little conscience on picking up after themselves!” Yes, let’s all get RV’s and travel around leaving ALL our footprints, trash, and disrespect. Ugh!


  2. Yes! We should all do something, just talking about doing something will get us nowhere!


    • We seem to be permanently waiting for someone ELSE to do something. I keep thinking if all of us did something — ANYTHING — it would help. Instead, we do nothing except complain. Sad creatures, we humans.


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