FOTD – April 26 – Violet Orchids

I was in the kitchen looking into the dining room and I loved the way those tall violet orchids looked in front of the French doors. Usually I just look, but this time, I got my camera and took two pictures. Just two.

I was right. It was a good angle and the light was good. I also realized (finally) I’m so familiar with the light and the window, I don’t need to take a lot of pictures. I can just take what I need and they will be fine.

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I posted both. They are minimally different, but there’s a very slight difference in the color and the light.

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  1. I bet they look amazing! I love the smell of orchids!


  2. Great composition!


    • Thank you very much. It just looked so pretty from the kitchen, I realized I never take pictures from that side. I photograph everything from the middle of the room. Considering how chilly and damp — and pollenated! — it has been outside, it’s nice to have an indoor garden. Maybe by the time they stop flowering, it will be flowering outside, too.

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