I’ve been drawing small pictures as my wrist was healing. Last night, I decided to try something bigger. Definitely not an attempt to look “photographic.” I don’t think art should be photographic, at least not in this century. We already have cameras. I, for one, have quite a few.

My misty mountains

This is (obviously) not a representation of any reality. I spent time looking at the sun and figuring out how to place the color. I always put the darkest color in the middle, but I realized in a real sun, it’s nearly white in the middle, getting darker as you move outward.

I liked the sun. I wasn’t very happy with the rest of the picture, so I did it again.


This time, it’s the sun and nothing else. Sunrise is pink around these here parts. Sunsets tend to be more orange or red. Usually. Except when they aren’t.

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  1. I really love your blossom, Marilyn.


  2. Beautiful colors


  3. I’m glad your drawing even though your wrist is not healed! I hope it brought you some joy to draw these!


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