We seem to have suddenly gone from doing nothing to having something happening every day. Back when we were busy people, this would have been no big deal but after so many years of retirement and a couple of years of lock down, having to do stuff and be on a schedule every day feels like a lot.

Today one of these guys actually landed on me. I don’t know who was more surprised… I loved the feel of his feathers against my face!

Nothing bad is going on. No one is sick or in trouble. I think it’s the because so much was deferred for so long — sometimes, years. Now, it’s catching up with us. Dentists, doctors, events that were canceled and have been rescheduled, not to mention a trip for us to visit Garry’s brother with Owen’s birthday in the middle .

Speaking of Owen, yesterday I came out of the bedroom and there was a giant carton in the living room. A television. A television? Owen decided we needed a new bedroom TV. The one in there is at more than 12-years-old and was getting flaky. I was caught breathless!

The old TV was 32 inches. This one is 40 inches. A HUGE surprise!

Tomorrow we will be out much of the day and a good piece of the evening for an event in Salem which is a very long drive from here. By the time we finally return home, it will be late. Saturday is Owen’s birthday, so that’s another busy day.

Over all, there will be less of me for a while, not because WordPress has done yet one more bizarre change to its format (it has), but because we are going to be doing other stuff.

I’ll be here as much as I can manage!

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  1. That was nice of Owen to get you a new TV. You will certainly notice a difference. I hope he enjoys his birthday. They come around so fast.
    Petrol has gone up here too. Naomi buys the expensive petrol for her car and it went up to about $2.20 a litre at one point. It’s gone down a bit now because the Federal Government decided to cut the petrol tax. I am sure it has nothing to do with the upcoming election.
    I have had a bird land on me once or twice. It does feel special. Yours probably think of you as part of the furniture now and are not scared of you if you don’t make sudden moves. I thought the photo/drawing slider was excellent.
    Enjoy Salem, is that the same one famous for witches and Days of Our Lives? (Mum loved that show).


  2. So beautiful! Weather here is delayed, we’re in April showers in May. It’s quite cool even cold at night still. Stargazer Lilly seems not to notice and is two feet high, lol.


  3. Hi Marilyn, strangely, I was thinking something similar this week about how busy it feels all the time now. For me, I think more was expected from people when working at home because of the crisis and work and home life overlapped. Now the pandemic is over, this has not changed and our lives have become overwhelming as we just can’t fit it all in.


    • There are so many EVENTS, too — most of which were deferred for two (or more) years. The missed eye doctor, hearing doctor — the stuff that wasn’t urgent but after all this time, actually IS urgent. And the thing is, not only has a lot of time past, but we are a few years older which makes a real difference for us. It’s amazing the difference between 77 and 80 or 72 and 75. We are still here, but we’re moving a lot slower. We’re finding ourselves turning down invitations because the drives are too long — not only in miles, but also in expensive. A five hour drive is suddenly a lot more money than it was before.


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