This is something different. I just wanted to try something other than birds and flowers, although I really am better at birds and flowers than anything else. To be fair, there are flowers in the picture, but it’s my first real attempt at water. Anyway, it’s a drop of water and the woman is in the drop and there are more drops from the drop.

Notice how I avoided the whole racial issue by turning my subject blue and gray, colors not currently covered by hate or protective groups. There just aren’t enough blue and gray people. Yet.

This is a big drawing using my largest paper. No matter what I did, color grit from the pencils keep collecting on the page. Eventually, after sweeping off as much of it as I could, I gave in, sprayed it lightly with Krylon and left it to dry overnight. Krylon stinks, so it’s better to not be in the same room when it’s fresh. Or at all.

I suspect it is bad for anyone’s health, at least if they have lungs. I use it sparingly, but even so, I was barely able to get the page clean enough to spray. At least I got most of the actual drawing reasonably clean. The dark upper area is where the light didn’t reach. It has been a long time since I used artificial light and I need to relearn a few things I used to know. Also, these are really small LED lights, so I have to lay one light on on its side to get the bottom of the drawing lit use the other light as high as it goes for the rest of the picture. This works okay in a smaller picture, but it wasn’t adequate for this one.

I’m pretty sure this is why modern illustrators work on glass with plastic overlays for color. They don’t have to fight with the grit and dirt. If it weren’t so expensive, I’d love having that equipment.

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  1. There’s a lot of symbolism in the drawing as it is.


    • I know. I’m not sure what the symbolism means. This actually showed up in a dream and I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. It’s the first fully graphical dream I can remember. But it was all about everything inside one drop of water. Strange dream.

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  2. Lovely to see the artist develop in you Marilyn.
    Leslie xoxo


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