I had a dream last night — a real dream — from which I woke up not even sure where I was until I turned on the light and could see shapes. Out loud I said: “Wow, that was some dream!”

Two Margaret O’Brian dolls – Madame Alexander

Like most dreams, I don’t remember details, but I know I was a girl, not a woman. It was a pink world of toys, but they were toys big enough for me to use. A merry-go-round on which I could ride. A toy train that ran around on tracks. All pink. There was clothing for me — pink — and of course it was the right size.

Annabelle – My first and best

I looked at the doll-type shoes and thought, “Oh, they are so small,” but suddenly they were my size. Then I remember thinking, “Of course they’re my size because this is my dream.” I put on the pink skirt and shirt and those doll-type sandals which were very comfortable, even though they were plastic and didn’t look comfortable.

Now it was time for me to go, but my mother (who has been gone for 40 years) came and told me that my grandparents (who I don’t remember because they died when I was a toddler) were paying for everything, so I could take anything I like with me. Someone had already taken away the merry-go-round, but the whirl-a-gig was available as well as the little train, so I took both of them and all the clothing I could get into pink shopping bags.

Which is when I woke up to say: “Wow, that was some dream!”

I restored her as closely as I could to her original self

I have absolutely no idea where it came from of what it means, if anything. Its not from a book I read because I’m in the middle of a long, awful history of the period leading up to World War I which isn’t pink or girlish. Nor did I watch anything on television that had anything to do with it.

I wonder if all the dolls sent it. Was this the dream of dolls?

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  1. Hi Marilyn, I have no ideas about the meaning of your dream, but I love your dolls. I also have a doll collection.


    • Doll collecting used to be a big hobby but in the past decade, it has died off. I think this might have to do with the age of many collectors. So many of us have gotten old enough to realize that we just can’t collect any more stuff. Also, many of the early composite dolls are disintegrating. They were just bade of sawdust, glue and paint and over the many years — now almost 100 for the earliest ones — they aren’t repairable. The plastic ones are still doing okay, but the composite ones, not so much.

      I used to have a lot more dolls, but I sold as many as I could. I STILL have an awful lot of them that I’d happily give away if I could find someone who wants and has room for them. They do take up quite a lot of space, especially since the remaining dolls are the biggest ones. Also the ones I still have were mostly in some way damaged so that although I love them, they weren’t worth a lot on the market. Some probably would be, if there were more collectors. And not that shipping is SO slow, I can’t even send them to people who would love them but live too far to ship them. It is very frustrating. I really don’t want them to wind up in a dumpster after I’m gone.


  2. What an interesting dream.


  3. Most people don’t recall or work with their dreams.
    They are important. We can work through a lot of stuff in there.


    • Usually dreams that are that interesting or strange are in some way frightening. This wasn’t scary, but it was very unusual and nothing like any other dream I can remember. Of course, we all have a lot of dreams we don’t remember, so who know?


  4. What a vivid and unusual dream. I think maybe the dolls did send it to give your mind a break from all the heavy stuff going on right now. Seriously though, it is hard to know what would prompt a dream like that from seemingly nowhere. The mind does some strange things. Your dolls are beautiful by the way.


    • Thank you from my dolls to yours 🙂 Usually I can find some kind of link from stuff I’ve been watching or reading or hearing on the news, but this was from nowhere. And how do you remember grandparents you never remember meeting? I was 3 when they were gone, so if I met them, it’s a very very faint memory. So maybe it’s a doll’s dream … the pink world of girls and toys.

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  5. What a strange dream, Marilyn! I can’t imagine – other than your concluding thought of women’s rights and gender issues – what it might mean, especially all the pink as I know you’re not mad keen on the colour as a statement. Interesting that your mum and grandparents featured so strongly in it though. Perhaps they’re reaching through to you with some kind of reassurance?

    My dreams are always really weird or obscure, and I often find them difficult even to describe. I have a lot of nightmares and hardly ever have nice dreams, but very occasionally I do wake myself up laughing, so that can’t be bad. 😀


    • I usually forget dreams by morning unless I write them down, but this was a really strong one. I sat up for a while trying to make sure I remembered it. I should have written it down, but I didn’t feel like getting up. Still, it was strange. It wasn’t ominous. And since I have no memory of my grandparents, it’s sort of odd remembering something I don’t remember. It was a VERY pink dream, that color of pink that features prominently in little girls’ ballet costumes.


  6. Wow that is an amazing dream! The anoint of detail is stunning and beautiful he fact that you woke up and made that proclamation too. Maybe all the pink and dolls and gender stuff has something to do with all of the current strife with woman’s rights that we’re right in the middle of?


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