FOTD – August 1 – Sunflowers

I love sunflowers. I love how the bees love them and they are so tall and sturdy. The birds and squirrels love them too. Sunflowers are not only beautiful, they are useful in many ways. They are most loveable flowers.

Marilyn with sunflowers – Photo: Garry Armstrong

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  1. Oh I like both of your sunflower photos 😀 😀


    • Thanks Cee. A lot of people grow them nearby. We don’t because our gardens are too shady for sunflowers which — not surprisingly — like full sun. Whenever I see them elsewhere, I try to stop and take pictures.


  2. Among my favorite flowers. ‘Round here they mostly consider them weeds.. 😡😤 🌻🌻🌻. I was a tiny bit worried the HOA was going to fine me for having “weeds” in my ‘natural garden’ space (I didn’t plant anything, I just let the indigenous plants have their way this year). For the bees. I bought two in pots, but they look really poorly and I can’t plant them, so am waiting for the Good Samaritan who wants to help. Gorgeous photography, but I’ve come to expect nothing less.


    • Thank you! They probably grow like weeds with all your sunshine. The bees love them and they are such useful plants for seeds and the oil they make from seeds. They grow them as a crop in a lot of places — a really beautiful crop, too!

      I hope you get to plant them soon. I’ve lost plants because I couldn’t plant them either because no one else had time or the weather was too cold. Actually, I’ve lost a lot of plants that way and I’m always happy when I manage to save one.


  3. wonderful sunflower shots, they are one of my favorite flowers


  4. HI Marilyn, these pictures are really stunning. I like the one of you with your back to the camera. You asked about books about South African history. Deneys Reitz has four excellent books about his experiences during the Anglo Boer War and the First World War:


    • Thank you, and thank you again for the suggestion. It can be hard to find a good history book. I’m in my final third of the beginnings of World War I which isn’t a really cheery topic but I seem to have gotten stuck on it. 6 more listening hours to go!

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      • Hi Marilyn, I have been reading books about WW1 too. I enjoyed Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth very much. It was fascinating to read the female perspective of WW1. There aren’t many books like that about. It is available as an audio book.


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