Fandango’s Provocative Question #185

Fandango asked this question:

What do you think is the scariest thing that humankind ever created?


All the things that are damaging our world began in cities. Think about it. Habitat destruction. Paving. Gangs. Urban poverty. Crime. Pavement heat. Dirt. Traffic and people congestion.

From cities, all the bad stuff spreads out and somehow becomes “standard.”

Downtown city night

Cities are hard, cruel places. No one goes to a city to relax and unwind. No one comes home from their job in a city feeling relaxed. Cities are convenient for business, concentrating a wide variety of stuff in one place. I’m not sure any amount of convenience makes up for the pollution, filth and stress.

There’s nothing “natural” about city living.

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  1. I like the convenience of living in the city, but with technologies that enable people to productively work from home, perhaps the need to live in the cities where the jobs are will diminish.


  2. Not all cities are evil

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  3. I actually prefer city living, but (big but) only if I have significant money. That way you can pay for security, deliveries, drivers, and fabulous shows/restaurants. Otherwise, ick! I’m in a relatively safe and clean (ish) suburb now, and it is soooo boring compared to Los Angeles. But I can’t afford to live there the way I’d want to. Oh well!


    • I like living in Jerusalem and Boston AND New York, but I breathe better here. There’s also a harmony to non-city living that is hard to find in a city. Besides, it isn’t the city that’s a problem it’s our failure to maintain them properly. To keep them clean. To make sure the air is breathable and the whole place doesn’t stink like a subway toilet.

      We — people — turn them into cesspools and not just today. They were like that from the beginning. Whatever is wrong with the world is first concentrated in cities. It doesn’t make them less entertaining but it sure does make them unhealthy.

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