Question Time Over Coffee

This is the abridged edition to Rory’s questions. There are questions that I don’t think I can answer or that don’t seem to apply to me. Then there are questions I prefer not to answer. These are what remain.

Tattoos are a very personal lifestyle choice by those who have their bodies inked. Do tattoos look good on everyone? If you are inked, have you ever regretted any of your tattoos?

First, I have a tattoo. One tattoo. It’s a phoenix, representing how I keep coming back.

I designed it myself and I have never regretted it. It is, after all, just one tattoo.

What enrichment do you personally receive from being social?

I get new ideas and new ways of looking at things. It’s what I most enjoy about blogging. I love the feedback!

Have you become noticeably more socially isolated or socially interactive after the pandemic and the lockdowns? There may be no difference in your social behaviour; if this is the case, let me know below.

We weren’t very sociable before the lockdowns, but we are less sociable now. The problem wasn’t the lockdowns. The problem is YEARS. Three years — at our age — makes a big difference in our ability to “go out” and do stuff. I don’t drive anymore and Garry only drives when he has no choice. Considering that there’s no public transportation here, that alone is limiting. But the weather matters too and New England isn’t a great place for aging bodies.

What will you be doing this weekend?

As little as possible!

As the writer and author of your blog, how connected do you feel to your audience? Does your blog reveal too much, too little or just the right balance of you to your readers?

I really don’t know how to answer that because I suppose it depends on the individual readers and how they feel about what I write. I have changed my style over the 11 years of blogging. I’m a lot less political, more photographic, more personal on some levels, less personal on others. But really, that’s more of a question to ask my readers than me. I write. How other react I have no idea.

What do you believe is the greatest threat to our planet today?

Habitat destruction. Every acre we destroy gives our rapidly depleting wildlife less room to survive. No amount of backyard feeding is going to replace woods and forests where they can nest and do all the things that make them special. We can’t seem to stop destroying the places that nurture us. It’s not just us. All the things we love need earth to be “real.”

It leaves me feeling demoralized. Optimism seems rather misplaces these days.

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  1. Hey Marlyn – wishing you a lovely Wednesday,

    A cracking answer for the planet as l like to say to people as a reminder when they complain “Without this planet we are history!” some get it a lot sadly don’t.

    I hear you on the ageing situation, many of the areas around our town here no longer offer public transport routes which means that the elderly are suddenly stuck in places. Suze, my other half has started work for a company called SHS [seniors helping seniors] sp she can assist with companionising where possible and getting people out a bit more.


    • I very much admire Suze’s quest as we as seniors are left behind in many areas, computers and other tech being one of several.

      I, for one was against computers of any kind and refused to own one. I’m a recording engineer and suddenly one day while I was in the middle of a session, I realized that the tape machines we were using are controlled by a “micro processor” ( a dedicated machine specific computer). Talk about a slap of reality! Then the company, I worked for, decided to “downsize”. That mean’t myself and a handful of video editors were suddenly without jobs. I was in the strange to me state of Utah and in order to qualify for unemployment I needed send applications for work.., even out of state.

      When I thought of the things I was qualified for, in my field, I realized I need about 6 different versions of my resume. The most efficient way of doing this without typing each one was to compose each as a basic form to be customized by simply adding the necessary information. Damnit! I needed a computer, CRAP! long story short: I now own about 4 different computers, one (laptop) of which I use while out recording on location.

      Most of the seniors, I run into, haven’t a clue about using a computer, or cell phone, not to mention modern TV sets, in our rapidly tech dependent world. I end up showing folks how to use many of these things. YAY! Suze.


  2. Great way to answer Marilyn


  3. I enjoyed this, Marilyn. The Phoenix is stunning! I have two tattoos. The destruction of habitat ~spot on! I’m happy to have connected with you and Garry! Happy New Year!


    • I think everyone is more worried about oil and gas and not nearly as worried as they ought to be about cutting down every tree in our world. It won’t matter if the world gets hot if all the trees are gone and the birds and other creatures with them. What kind of tatts have you got?

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      • I think my yard is trying, singlehandedly to repopulate the worlds trees


      • Exactly, Marilyn! I concur! I have a dragonfly on my lower back (it’s so beautiful~20 years old now) and a cross and heart that I drew out on my right wrist! My apologies for late reply. My oldest son and family journeyed home yesterday. I had a follow up oncology/blood lab visit today, and youngest son and family in tomorrow through weekend. I’m enjoying my drawn out celebrations. My blood counts are very low. I’ll have to go back next week. More scans will be scheduled~I’ll be anxious to see if treatments are making a difference! My apology or for sharing so much, but wanted to update you and Garry in case I don’t get back here or on email for a bit! Happy New Year!


  4. Great answers, Marilyn! 🙂
    You are right, about the destruction of habitat! Its awful!
    I for one think your blog is great!



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