One sunset evening as the sun was setting over the Housatonic River in Connecticut, the sky went wild. If you stood on the dock and rotated, there would be a different color and formation of clouds in each degree of turning. I’ve never seen a sky like that before.

I’ve seen many sunsets and sunrises, clouds from both side including from an airplane looking down. Here are some favorites through the years.

There were clouds over the mountains in Arizona, over the mountains in Maine and Vermont, by the the shore on Cape Cod and in Ogunquit, Maine.

Sunset in Massachusetts – February
Housatonic River, Connecticut – September
Jackman, Maine – October
Ogunquit, Maine – September
Phoenix, Arizona – January
Housatonic River – September
Housatonic River – September
Route 146 crossing Chocolog Road – February
Golden sunset on the way home – February
Attean View, Jackman, Maine – October
Sunrise – Home – Spring Equinox
Sunset over the Phoenix mountains, Arizona – January
Almost dawn – Home – March

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18 replies

  1. What a wonderful collection of skies, Marilyn!


  2. These are stunning, Marilyn. Have you ever created a calendar of clouds? I’m singing the song now…🎶”I’ve looked at love, clouds, from both sides now…”🎶


  3. Beautiful photos, Marilyn, and a perfect song to accompany them.


  4. Written by Joni Mitchell. First released by Collins.
    Never heard a bad version of this.
    Love those cloud pics too.


  5. Spectacular collection of sheer beauty. Just breathtaking.


  6. so many sunsets! Your so lucky to see such beautiful ones!


    • Some of them are sunrises. I had to set a clock and get up before dawn. In the summer, that’s about 4 in the morning if you don’t have to go far to get the pictures. If you have to drive further, then you have to get up essentially in the middle of the night.

      It was worth it 😀 Sunsets were easier — I was already awake.


  7. These are wonderful pictures, Marilyn. Ogunquit, Maine always makes me think of Stephen King’s book, The Stand, as part of it was set there. Maine sounds beautiful 🤩


    • The whole New England coast is fabulous, from Connecticut all the way up to Canada — and into Canada. When they talk about the beauties of New England, that’s the biggest part of what they are talking about. We have a long rocky coastline, interspersed with curving sandy beaches. It has been one of the top spots for summer vacations for hundreds of years.

      If you can deal with the cold, it is at its most magnificent in the winter. When Garry and I were younger — ten, twenty years ago — we used to take vacations there in November, right before full winter arrived. It was empty and absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure it’s ever empty anymore.

      The rest of the world has discovered it and a lot more people live there year round. How they deal with the commute, I don’t know. It’s not long if you go by mileage. It’s almost the same as from here. From downtown Boston, about an hour and a half of driving if the roads are clear except the roads are never clear. It was more fun when it was our local secret 😀


  8. Gorgeous photos, Marilyn. The colors are so rich. I love the boats on the water photos. Yummy.


    • I would have loved to live down there. Homes — all year round places — were for many years not very expensive because winter on the Cape is really COLD and very stormy. It’s also very stormy in spring and fall — hurricane and nor-easter seasons. House require a lot of maintenance too. Not just because of storms, but because of the salt in the air. It eats away at siding and roofing — and summer weekends are hellish for residents when everyone living in Boston and New York heads for the same little towns on Cape Cod.

      Now, it’s one of the most expensive places to live in the entire country, right up there with the Napa Valley and Park Avenue in New York. And the traffic is, if anything, worse. I didn’t think it could GET worse.

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      • Shoulda, woulda, coulda. We have some of that going on at the CA coast. The big difference there is that there isn’t a bad time of year there! At least we have a nice place that is warm inside and has everything we need. 🙂

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