5 Things I Plan Not Doing This Year

What I plan to not do this year.

Don’t always follow challenges. Find your own inspiration and write about that.

I want to enjoy writing and not feel everything needs to be part of a challenge. I should start writing earlier in the day and not wait until it’s late and I’m already tired.

Don’t complain about not winning if you refuse to buy a ticket!

Not that I expect to win (I don’t) but because for however long it takes until the numbers are published, I can dream of having more money than I’ll ever need. I can’t even dream if I don’t buy the ticket.

Stop trying to keep up the old pace. You ain’t no spring chicken.

I’m four years older than when COVID arrived and it turns out there’s a big difference between 72 and 76. Between advancing age, chronic medical issues and excessive tiredness caused by too many late nights, I need to remember it’s okay to slow down.

Stop worrying about doing what you love. Just do it.

Three am is getting to be my usual sleep time. And that’s okay. I’m retired. I don’t need to be alert at 8 am. There are no bosses to impress.

Remember that will power only goes so far. It’s okay to stop pushing yourself to accomplish more when accomplishment no longer has any real meaning.

I need to deal with all the medical stuff before it deals with me, but I don’t have to do it all in one day. I can be a little more patient and wait until they call me. I have to admit, getting anything medical accomplished takes a lot more effort than it ought. I wish people would call me when they say they. I’m tired of spending half my day on the phone trying to schedule a test or see a doctor.

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  1. I’ve already slowed down dramatically, to the point where my list would read “The 5 Things I Plan To Do This Year” – and I would have a really hard time thinking of 5 things. These days all I really want to do is watch old movies and crochet. (Yes, I’ve become an old-lady cliche.)


  2. That is a very original list.

    It’s sad that you have to wait so much for medical care.

    How I wish you were here, and my friends and I could have helped you with everything.


    • It’s very frustrating. I’m thinking of calling my GP and asking if he could maybe get them to move on this. I’ve called three times in three days and not gotten a call back. If this is important, it would make sense to deal with it while we can and preferably before it gets worse. But the hospitals are overloaded — especially around here where we only have one good hospital and a couple of others to be avoided.


  3. Since I work part-time I need to try to keep a regular schedule. I confess to going to bed much too late when I do not have to get up early the next day. That makes it harder to go to bed early when I do have to get up.
    I play the lottery now and then. I still dream about winning, although I don’t really think it will actually happen.


  4. Yup, no point in going to bed early, early in the morning is my bed time, then at least it’s vaguely near real morning when I wake up four hours later.


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