FOTD – April 12 – Garry’s Birthday Bouquet

It came via UPS from Garry’s brothers in Minnesota. It is bright and colorful.

Photographing this bouquet also gave me a chance to try out my Pentax Q S1. As you can see, it worked very nicely. Here are two more pictures — one is a long view of our house from living room through dining room and the other is of the flowers from far off in another room.

Good little camera. I think I’ll keep it.

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  1. I think I somehow missed Gary’s birthday, so please give him my best wishes. I have had my head in other places lately. I hope he had a good day snd is keeping well.


  2. Happy Birthday Garry. Your bouquet is gorgeous 😀 Marilyn photographed it well. 😀 😀


  3. They are gorgeous flowers, a lovely gift for Garry’s birthday. I am very impressed with what these little cameras can do even before seeing one up close.


    • I was surprised myself. I’d forgotten how good these little cameras can be. And they take a full-size picture, too — 300 ppi. I’m sorry Pentax stopped working on the product, but I suppose when they sold out, that was the end of experimentation.

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  4. very beautiful pop of color and happy birthday to Gary!


  5. Very nice, and happy birthday to Garry!

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  6. Happy birthday to Garry! The camera did well — I have liked my Pentax cameras, and hope this one will continue to do well for you!

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