Fandango’s Provocative Question #211

Do you believe that Joe Biden, at 82 shortly after Election Day 2024, is too old to seek that office. What about Donald Trump at 77? Most important, do you think there should be a maximum age set for an individual to run for President of the United States?

Last night, Garry and I watched a movie called “Eighty for Brady. ” It’s on Paramount+ starring Sally Field (76), Rita Moreno (91), Jane Fonda (85) and Lily Tomlin (83). It was great watching a movie where all the stars were my age or older. Even older than Garry. They were lively and funny. Not at all the stereotypical “old people.” My son recommended the movie because he found it funny and thought we’d like it too.

We did. It was encouraging, especially because it was based on a true story. Old doesn’t mean brain dead or addled. It means forgetting stuff like the names of things. Senior moments. That’s a far cry from dementia. The movie reminded me of what a big difference there is between a demented brain and a smart (but mature) brain.

Is Biden “too old” to run again for president?

As far as “too old to run”? If Biden feels strong and healthy enough to run, all honor to him. We’ve lost plenty of younger men in office through illness and violence. Age is not the major discriminator.

Shouldn’t the Democrats be putting up younger candidates?

Younger nominees? How about finding some? I think we should have younger people involved in this level of political leadership, but where are they? I would have thought by now that younger generations would have grabbed the reins and be ready to rise up and create policy.

There are plenty of women who would jump in — except this is such a misogynist country, we might never elect a woman. We have made gay people, transexuals and woman, who represent more than half the population, unelectable. What is wrong with us? Why are we searching for a way back to the worst days of the medieval era?

Younger people aren’t interested. Oh, I’m sure there are a few here and there, but not many and not prominent. Most young people don’t want the involvement and lack dedication. They aren’t willing to run for minor offices to begin to climb the long ladder. They are afraid to lose their privacy, afraid to have their sexuality blazing on Twitter. A lot of them don’t vote. Won’t vote. They complain constantly and are very eager to blame everything they think is wrong on my generation. That’s easier than taking the responsibility for improving things. Complaining seems to be where their involvement begins and ends.

As Garry said in a previous post:

We talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

As a nation, we are going backwards in a hurry. “Freedom” is a great cocktail conversation among progressives, but not much happens when the party’s over. It’s painfully obvious how badly we’ve failed. Whatever moral compass this country had, it has been run over and is by now dead and buried.

Eight presidents have died in office. Four from natural causes William Henry Harrison (pneumonia), Zachary Taylor (cholera), Warren G. Harding died of cardiovascular something or other or food poisoning (according to the doctors of his day) though my mother was sure he was poisoned by his own staff. Franklin Delano Roosevelt officially died from a cerebral hemorrhage that was probably overwork, exhaustion and residual polio.

Four presidents died by assassination — Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. Please note that McKinley died of complications caused by having an incompetent doctor. With a better one, he would have lived.

Wilson had a stroke in office. He was unable to continue, so his wife ran the country. We now have laws to prevent this but somehow, Reagan managed to get around the law. Nancy Reagan ran the country when his Alzheimer’s overtook him.

No one got too old though quite a few were hopelessly inept or bunglers — and one was a mass murderer.

Biden’s done a good job, better than I thought anyone could. Within the limits of his power, he has reversed some of the worst abuses introduced by his predecessor. Not enough, but that’s a different discussion. I think four more years of Biden would be good for the country. If we had younger candidates who had any chance of being elected, I’m sure they would be running. I’m not seeing those people.

As long as the younger gens refuse to grab hold of the reins and take the ride, my aging “boomer” generation remains in charge. Otherwise, no one would be in charge. The failure of younger gens to meet modern challenges is, to me, baffling and frightening.

We are old. It isn’t just numbers. Nothing will make us younger. We are as smart as we ever were and have been tempered by living long enough to see how patience and determination can work well. We’ve learned by living. We won’t live forever.

Younger people need to jump in and be involved. Seriously involved. If that doesn’t happen, what will become of this nation when all the elders are gone?

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  1. I don’t know, Marilyn. My mom is 84 and she has had to give up some of the things she used to do because they tire her to much. Gardening and cooking every day are two of those things. She is still active and as sharp as a pin but she rests every afternoon. I think 82 is quite old for such a demanding job as being the president of a country. However, as you say, there is no-one younger and he is certainly doing a good job.


  2. Well they better Vote. And not for Trump.


    • I’ve reached the point where I figure that Karma will come and get them. They really seem to think that if they aren’t involved, it will be fine. It isn’t fine and won’t be fine, but you can’t tell this to any of them. Including my granddaughter.


  3. Well, I’m 80 and have advanced MS but I still have most of my brain in working order. Okay, one brain cell left, but it is functioning better than I ever thought would happen. Some physical activities are now off limit, but Franklin D. Roosevelt was crippled by polio and still brought the country out of the depression of the ’20’s and most of the way through WWII. Idiots will always be with us but they seem to be increasing by the thousands lately,, Social Media can be blamed for a lot of that, and as I saw on Facebook once, Abraham Lincoln posted that you can believe everything you read on that site. Maybe that is part of the reason the young people have lost interest in politics as a whole. New and improved social media comes out every day and they believe everything they read without checking for the truth. I mean, if you can’t believe Abraham Lincoln who can you believe? (written with tongue in cheek!)


    • What I see is an unwillingness to commit. They BELIEVE in change, most of them anyway, but getting actually involved — running for one office then for the next. Getting involved with a party and learning how it actually works? They want someone else to fix it. After all, they didn’t break it. But the thing is, WE didn’t break it either. It has always been broken since the world began per Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”


      We used to have pols who were committed to change and were willing to put their butt’s on the line to make it happen. I’m not seeing that anymore. The kids don’t have the time Well, NO ONE has the time. If it’s important, you MAKE time.

      I’m absolutely in agreement that younger — not kids, but surely the 50 year old GenX group is the right age to be involved. But mostly, they aren’t and those that are? Most have become unelectable because this country is going backward, backward, backward.


  4. i could not agree with you more. already in my mid-sixties, i experience ageism, both subtle and overt. and i’m a huge fan of biden for his thoughtful, wise, experienced, and measured approach.


    • I think it would be nice if we had younger people — like in their 50s and 60s — ready to commit to a life of serving their country in a positive way. Lacking that, I think we are very lucky Biden is WILLING and able to serve. That is one hell of a tough gig and I’m sure I couldn’t do it.

      I think it’s embarrassing that my generation is STILL running the country. And funny thing, I’m not hearing cries of protest from the next gens in waiting. They are strangely silent.

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  5. I won’t lie, it does concern me a bit that President Biden is in his 80s. He does seem fit through and despite what some people say I believe he is mentally competent. Certainly, more so than Trump. Trump is old too but his being a lunatic concerns me more than his age. I think it is to do with succession. If he were to become ill or incapacitated in the next few years is there someone competent to take charge. I guess that is true for any President but an older one could take longer to recover from a fall for example. I do find it strange that no younger people seem to be rising through the ranks and looking like potential leaders. Well, nobody you’d want running the country anyway.
    I remember visiting my friend Gillian in Canberra some years ago, it was 2007 in fact, we were celebrating her 50th birthday. We were at Old Parliament House looking at the pictures of Prime Ministers and noted that the PM at the time, Kevin Rudd, was the same age as we were, so was his immediate predecessor Tony Abbott. That was a moment. I’d always thought of the PM as an older person. We had caught up.
    Anthony Albanese, our current PM, is 60 and Scott Morrison, his immediate predecessor is 54 now. We’ve had generational change but that doesn’t seem to have happened in the USA.


    • The silence in the younger generations is rather eery, isn’t it? I think Kamala could probably do a decent job if she had the chance. I think Biden was hoping she’d be more of a presence than she has been. If the younger ones think we aren’t doing a good job, why aren’t they protesting, eager to get their hands on the political steering wheel?

      We SHOULD have had generational change, but instead, we have lethargy, apathy, and a general sense of “I can’t be bothered.” I wonder what they think will happen if they DON’T take charge? Do they really think my generation is going to live forever?

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  6. Biden has proven that his age means nothing. He’s been great. So good in fact, that his legacy may be as one of the greatest Presidents ever. And I’m a Conservative.
    Trump? proves that age sure doesn’t mean Wisdom. He’s a total idiot.

    Youth? One thing has dismayed me immensely is the passivity of the College students in these times. I came up through the 60’s and 70’s when they are marching in the streets by the thousands. Today we see NOTHING from them.

    The recent High School students that protested in Tennessee was heartening though. But what is it going to take to get the rest of them off their asses? The County, Freedom, and Democracy are hanging in the balance. I guess that doesn’t seem to be important to them?

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    • You have read my mind. The general sense I get from “kids” — anyone under 50 these days! — is that they can’t be bothered. They don’t want to work their way up through the ranks, don’t want to work with a party, don’t care enough about whatever they are whining about to get involved. Or even VOTE. I too think we are lucky that there IS a Biden.


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