30,000 hits … Go figure.

It seemed appropriate — what with getting all these awards during the last few days — that this is the week I hit another landmark. On November 9th, I passed 20,000 hits and today, exactly 3 weeks later, I hit


From February 2012, through the end of September, I gathered 10,000 hits. It took me a slightly more than a month to get the next 10,000. On November 9, I was at 20, 783.

At 11:38 pm — right now — I am at 30,044, which is just about 10,000 hits in three crammed weeks.

When there’s a lot of stuff going on, people come looking for more than information. We all want explanations, validation, confirmation that what we believe is right or what we disbelieve is wrong. Those of us who put ourselves out there gain a certain amount of popularity, maybe notoriety or at least a degree of attention in return for fending off a lot of flak for having expressed opinions with which others do not agree. I try to back my opinion with facts, at least as far as I am can establish whatever facts exist. In the end though, facts are slippery as eels, subject to innumerable interpretations. Statistics are easily twisted to support virtually any position. Numbers are neutral, but what we do with them is not.

November 2012 was a newscaster and blogger’s dream. The richness of the available subject matter for a writer was unlimited.  It gave me a lot of room to stretch my writer’s wings, to try writing about things that would normally not fall in my purview.

The dreams of writers and reporters inevitably are built on events that are someone else’s nightmare. Sometime since the advent of electronic media has come to dominate the news industry, news no longer means information about current events … what’s happening. It used to be that news might be good or bad. News was merely “new.” It was the newness that counted, not any predetermined content.

It’s different now. Today, all news is bad news. “If it bleeds, it leads” is the unofficial motto of newsrooms around the nation and probably the globe. Violence and death draws an audience. If a story has a happy ending, it’s likely relegated to feature status or considered “not newsworthy” and thus completely ignored.

Lacking fresh disasters, the next hot ticket in the news biz are scandals, financial crises, sports, weather, and anything happening to a celebrity. These days, we have celebrities who are famous for being famous. They’ve never done anything noteworthy. They don’t act, sing, play an instrument or invent things. They aren’t politicians or scientists. They are nobodies. I hope I am never desperate enough to write about any of them. Since I have pretty much no idea of who is currently famous, I’m unlikely to write about them. Most of the time, guests on talk shows are strangers to me. I can’t tell one from another. Neither can my husband. If you are looking for the latest gossip, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. I have neither information nor opinions on the subject.

Election day 2012I plead guilty to enjoying lively discussion and controversy, though I require civility however much we disagree. I figure we should be able maintain the same level of manners in public disputation that we would demand of a 5-year-old. That has turned out to be an unreasonably high expectation when issues of national importance were under discussion. No kindergarten teacher would allow such appalling behavior from her charges, but we not only tolerate, but actually encourage worse behavior from public figures.

As angry as I have been about policies and issues, I have been far more upset by the bad behavior of public figures, many with advanced degrees slinging mud, calling names, and clearly trying to incite violence. There ought to be limits, there ought to be a level below which we will not sink. Watching “Lincoln” yesterday reminded me how uncivil our public behavior has been over the years. The difference between then and now is the presence of electronic media that allows everyone to immediately see — in real-time — how ill-mannered we really are. It used to be a dirty little secret; now it’s an international embarrassment.

The sheer energy generated by so many major events occurring at the same time helped me gain an audience at a faster rate than I could have done had there not been so many important events occurring. There was Sandy, the giant storm. A storms is inherently uncivil. Storms have an excuse. They have no brain cells, just mighty wind, rain or snow … so a storm has an excuse for mindlessness, but what excuse can there be for people like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck?  Perhaps they too lack brain cells. But more likely, they simply like a conscience and the level of manners required of a pre-schooler.

I get a reasonable number of regular visitors these days. I’m not exactly viral but I have an acceptable following. The number of visitors rises and falls according to some invisible tide over which I have nominal control . When Serendipity’s visitor count first popped up from 70 or 80 on a good day to over a thousand, I figured it was a fluke and would fizzle. As I expected, the visitor count has leveled off, but apparently people who initially dropped by for a particular post continued to return for other things. I am more inclined to trust the new, steadier numbers I get now than the wild up and downs surges of early and mid November.Here, Griffin!

It’s harder to find relevant, exciting content when there are no super exciting events in progress, but I try to stay relevant, try to find interesting subjects. Maybe make a few people laugh or at least smile. I like offering historical background for whatever is going on, the rest of the story we didn’t get in elementary school. Understanding the world is easier if you have the perspective of history. Context counts.

Thanks for reading, thanks for being my friends and making me feel that I’m still a real live part of the living world.  Let’s all hope that this year is going to be a better one than last year. Maybe less full of news, but more full of joy!

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9 replies

  1. You have the sort of following that many of us dream of. The quality of your work, of course, is the main reason. Topics, reposts by others, the magic of cyberspace play a part too, I guess. I have a big day if I hit double digits. For the most part I stopped watching talk shows. There is little worth seeing. When I see celebrity news, I sometimes wonder who these people are. Reality shows are not real. Rush and Limbaugh are a mystery as to why people follow. Keep writing for us.


    • I’ll keep trying. I do a lot of reblogging not only because I can’t write that much but because others have stuff to say worth reading … so rather than reinvent the wheel, so to speak, I repost. Good for me, good for all of us. We give each other more “reach” than we might have individually and cover subjects that deserve coverage but aren’t our area of experise or whatever you call it.

      I don’t think I’ve ever watched a reality show. We don’t even watch the news anymore, now that my husband is no longer on the air. I have never understood why people listen to some of these talk jockeys. They seem to be morons, far as I can tell. But they have huge audiences which worries me. There is a lot of stupidity going around.

      Lately I’ve been on a reading project that requires me to read what is currently considered “America’s best fiction.” It is not an encouraging experience. If that’s our best, I’d hate to see the worst!


  2. You’re obviously doing something right. It’s your diligence, thoughtfulness and damn good writing that touch the lives of other folks. So, the hits just keep coming!! Enjoy and appreciate!!


  3. Whoo-yoo! Why am I not surprised? You have a GREAT site – diversified – which is naturally going to draw a wider audience and unlike so many others in the blogosphere yours IS interesting, full of information, humorous when need be and always displays gorgeous pictures! Your candidness keeps everyone on their toes and lets them know quite quickly you will not put up with any bull!

    BTW You have ANOTHER award coming (It is different and rather cool!)…I just haven’t found the time to get it all together. That is the only drawback…time! Where does it go? And, as with you, I AM suppose to be retired:>)

    Love you and hugs across the miles!


    • I am 3 awards behind at the moment, though I’m trying to catch up …The recognition I get from you and my other blog buddies is the difference between feeling like there is something I do in this world that matters and being completely irrelevant … and you have NO idea how much it matters to me. Hugs and happiness … and I hope the snowy pics helped with whatever you are doing 🙂


    • Thanks. It happened so fast that I’m a little pixelated. But I think now that the political scene is settling down, so will everything else … until our first blizzard of the year!


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