Night In The City

Boston, Massachusetts: the evening of December 2012.

Boston Commons and Statehouse-HP-1

Overlooking the Commons

There has been just enough rain to make the streets shiny, but it’s just a drizzle really. The city always strings lights on the Commons and all around the Statehouse right after Thanksgiving, so they’ve been up for a couple of weeks already.

Not a white Christmas this year, at least not yet.  We’ve had a couple of little snows since then, they were dustings and melted off in a few hours.

Old South Church from Boston Commons

Tonight, it was cold, but not bitterly. This is the middle of Boston — old Boston, the Boston of Paul Revere and Sam Adams — in soft focus. No hard edges in the dark. And here’s a little music to go with the pictures … a song I loved long ago.

The Commons, lit for the holidays

Boston at night ... by the Statehouse, across from the Common.

Boston at night … by the Statehouse, across from the Common.

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6 replies

  1. You know how much I love night, urban photography. Looks festive.


    • It was especially interesting doing it all with the little Canon point and shoot. I had to pick one camera … and I would have needed three lenses if I used the PENs, which would have meant using two bodies so I could quickly change lenses. Finally, I went with the camera that had the most versatile lens, not necessarily the best camera.

      It was fun. I don’t get into the city so often anymore. I wish I taken more pictures during the 15 years we lived in Boston … but I was working a lot of hours in those days. But at least once a year, usually near Christmas, we get there and I get my “city fix.” It’s not my strong suit as a photographer, but it’s fun!

      On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 11:47 PM, Serendipity


  2. One day, Marilyn, I WILL be there!


    • We lived in Boston for a long time … Garry for 20 years, me for 15 … until we moved to the country. But Boston IS a great city and sometimes, I miss it a lot. Especially this time of year. Good to get into town at least once … to remember.


  3. Beautiful night with Boston Common positively glowing in Christmas lights. GREAT day with you and the family in the City dressed up in its holiday finest. Nice to get away, share laughter and the Boston Pops Christmas Concert. Lousy for the once youthful driver. The day after is a reminder!!!


    • Yes, it was. After I took a couple of those pictures you spotted for me, I wondered why I didn’t just hand you the camera. I mean, it was your shot … you saw it!

      On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 12:51 PM, Serendipity


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