Good Morning, Good Morning, To You (And You And You And You)

Every morning, as I limp down the hallway from the bedroom to the kitchen, no matter how stiff I am with arthritis, no matter how poorly I’ve slept, as soon as I get to the kitchen, my heart becomes lighter.


“Good morning, fur children,” I chirp. They woof and growl and gambol and pant. They know it’s cookie time for the canine contingent, but coffee time for me.


I make a brief detour to turn on the coffee pot. Priorities.

Mr. Coffee

There’s no more time to waste. Eager faces surround me as I approach the huge dog biscuit container on the table in the corner. It’s shaped like a giant dog biscuit — lest I forget.  The dogs , with their acute senses of smell, are more than aware of where to find the biscuits. Eyes not required.

They know my hands are the true source of all biscuits, so they watch me with their eyes. Excitement mounts.


Bishop is an Australian Shepherd. Lacking sheep, he stares at me, with the apparent objective of engendering guilt. It works pretty well. He is also Bonnie’s love slave.

Then there’s Nan, the Norwich Terrier. Nan stares, but adds sound effects. Grunts and agonized moans. She’s starving she says. She hasn’t eaten in … minutes. She will repeat this performance whether she is still chewing the biscuit she just got or it’s been a whole night since her last treat.


And last, but not at all least, there’s Bonnie. She bounces up and down, bounds around the kitchen like a mad thing, twirling and spinning, yapping and prancing. She’s young and full of joie de vivre. Shortly, she will be full of biscuits.


They all believe if they don’t remind me, I will forget them and their cookies. These dogs have never missed a treat or a meal in their lives but you’d never guess it.

The sun streaks in through the windows, the smell of coffee fills the room. Joyous gurgling and crunching from the furry ones and I’m off to the office to check my email and see what surprises the night has brought. Another day is begun.

Happy morning to all!

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24 replies

  1. Ah-h-h-h! How dull life would be without our furry friends! Ours are cats but still furry just purr-r-r-ry! Not a dull moment 🙂 You have changed your site AGAIN! Just when I got use to the other one…


  2. your dogs are so gorgeous 😀 the shepherd has beautiful eyes!!
    reminds me of the saying ‘dogs aren’t our whole lives, but they make our lives whole’…I’m infinitely happier when I’m at home with my dog to greet me in the morning


    • We miss them when we are away, are with them constantly at home. I have two in my office as I type this. I can’t imagine a life without them … it would be so sterile.

      Bishop is one beautiful boy, but the two lassies are also gorgeous, just very different. Bishop is Bonnies love slave 🙂


      • They are all cuties!
        I hate not having my dog near me, but it’s nice going home after a few months of being away…he goes mad and then refuses to leave my side, I’ve tried to Skype him but he ran away and hid!


        • Bonnie, the Scottie will not talk to us for a couple of days after we come back from being away. We deserted her, we must be punished! We bribe her with goodies and finally, she relents and cuddles up with us on the love seat. Peace returns!


          • haha aww that’s so cute!
            my family don’t really get chance to go away much, but the one time we went on holiday since getting our current dog we took him to a nearby kennel for the week…he was so grumpy with us! I think it threw him a bit because he’s a rescue, probably didn’t think we were coming back, poor thing!


            • We live with my son and his family, sharing the house … and the care of the dogs. We never go away together so that there will always be family to care for the furkidz. They aren’t happy when anyone is away, no matter how briefly, but if they were also in a strange place, I think they would be totally miserable. All our dogs, except Bonnie who I got as a tiny pup, were rehomed. We got each of the other three (there’s one more, a mini dachs who is my granddaughter’s pal) when their original family decided they didn’t want them anymore. Nan was 10 when her owner/breeder decided she didn’t want her. I have trouble with that. A 10 year old dog is not easy to rehome and it’s cruel to just get rid of an old dog. We took her because any alternative would have been worse. Nan is finally beginning to relax, but it’s taken a year. I would never put her in a kennel — I’m afraid she’d die of loneliness and fear.

              Dogs are family. They are furry people.Better than most people!!


              • That’s madness them getting rid of a dog because they didn’t like her anymore! Poor thing, glad she found a loving home those people didn’t deserve her!
                I think Oscar’s lucky we can’t afford holidays, although both me and my brother have long since grown out of family holidays so there’d be someone there for him…we have no family that would be able to take him if we all went away, the only person was my Aunt but at the time we did go away she had a little dog that hated oscar! My bumbling fool of a dog had ran into him at full speed on a walk and knocked him flying, they didn’t get on since then, funny animals! All hell would’ve broken loose if Oscar had stayed there
                They are definitely family, mine’s one of my best friends too!


                • We can’t afford holidays either. We visit friends and stay with them. They visit us. It’s sort of a vacation, but more important, we get to see the people we love.


                  • That’s a nice way of doing it 🙂
                    My parents visit family sometimes, and they’ll be going to a wedding somewhere else in the country but most of our family and friends live right in our back pocket! Apart from me…sadly I technically now live 3 hours away from home for most of the year!


                    • Most of my family lives here in the same house ! But we do have friends elsewhere. On the cape, out in the western part of the state, in New York. So we visit. Gives us a break.


  3. A surprising “early” (for me) wake up call this morning. Grumpier than ever. The Furry kids are waiting and are oblivious to my mood as I head into the kitchen to fire up the coffee. Cue up “Make ’em laugh!!” as I serve the first round of biscuits to the “starving” and energetic kids.


  4. Gorgeous flower and dog shots! I like! Nothing like good coffee and stroking warm, furry, happy pets to start off your day. (Although in my case, it’s tea.)


    • And P.S. — love the “Singin’ In The Rain” reference. One of my all-time favorite Gene Kelly movies.


    • If ever it was the thought that counts, it’s the “coffee or tea” in the morning conundrum. Garry used to be a tea drinker. One morning, he questioned if the coffee tasted as good as it smells. He has been a fanatic coffee hound ever since 🙂 I learned to like coffee when I lived in Israel. It turned out my problem was not with coffee per se, but with my father’s version of it. Go figure 🙂 But a good cuppa tea is still a fine beverage, especially with a few cookies!


  5. What great dogs, amazing photo’s by the way.


    • This is the first time in months I’ve managed to get a picture of Bonnie or Bishop. They usually have their noses up my lens! I think they wanted a cookie SO much they were willing to hold back


  6. What a beautiful trio! I’m not surprised that they lift your spirits. I’m also rather taken with that French Vanilla coffee! 🙂


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