I’m was hoping we’d seen the last “big one” of the season, but nope.

This storm wasn’t suppose to really hit us. It was a coastal storm, so if we got it at all, it would be no more than a glancing blow, a few light inches.

When the snow started to come down heavily this morning, Β I thought “Oh, just a flurry.” But it got heavier and Garry, foregoing his shower and other normal morning activities, made a dash for the grocery store … along with what seemed to be the entire population of the town. He thought there couldn’t be any more people coming, but as he was checking out, the rest of the towns showed up … those who’d been at work, probably.

Now the weather gurus are predicting as much as 2 feet of snow along the coast. No one is aware it’s snowing in the Valley. We never make it into weather reports so I have no idea what we are expecting. Apparently a bit more than the originally predicted 3 to 5 inches. (Ya think Probie?)

snowing hard 12

So. Thirty four days by the calendar. Are we counting yet?

more snow in february 08

february snow 05

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    1. I’m VERY glad Garry got there today. Now, if someone will go and get dog food … assuming, of course, we get a break in the weather before the next storm … This really IS ridiculous.


  1. I was out there with Garry; we weren’t supposed to get more than a dusting out here, but it turned into about 6 inches. Not bad, just annoying!
    I bought myself a bunch of daffodils at the story. Gonna just stare at them all day today!


    1. Garry brought home a bouquet from the grocery store (they have a florist shop there). He thought I needed to see flowers. I think we both needed to see flowers! And the weather gurus still haven’t noticed that it snowed here. Love living in the invisible part of Massachusetts.


    2. February is the cruelest month. (Stolen from someone … probably a TV News Storm Trooper). Enough already!!


    1. At this point, they are predicting the end of the world via snow. I have no idea how extensive it’s supposed to be. Each report is different. I’d look at a weather and see what it looks like. Probably more accurate.


      1. Strange, the weather report near me shows unusually high temperatures (almost in the 60’s) and a few raindrops, with the acception of Tuesday when there may be a frozen mix. I guess I may be too far south?


  2. No snow for us, but we’re supposed to get some freezing rain. I’d rather drive in a foot or two of snow than drive on ice. Thankfully for me, the pantry and fridge are stocked and I just bought dog food and treats. As long as the ice doesn’t weigh down the power lines and take out my electric, we’re good. πŸ˜€


    1. We are now on the rain/snow line, so if we are REALLY lucky, we’ll get snow AND freezing rain, what they call up here “The Wintry Mix.” How poetic for a lethal road surface combination. I think spring is trying to nudge in … but winter is still fighting back. Maybe … by the end of the month??


  3. Send your snow our way (New Mexico). It will surely help break our drought. ^_^ Plus, I miss living where it snows when it should. I didn’t even need a freaking coat today. And that is me genuinely complaining about the unseason-like weather not rubbing it in. I really do hate this weather right now… it’s just not NORMAL.


    1. Our car is frozen solid at the TOP of the drive. It was warmer yesterday, so it all melted then refroze overnight. We aren’t going anywhere right now. Spring WILL come. It will. I believe. Send some of that nice weather this way, okay?


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