The Lair – Marilyn Armstrong

I’ve worked here, if you use the word “here” in a non-literal way. It is one of a million offices from which teachers work. It might be a space in any old building anywhere in the world. It could be on any campus.

The small room is full of light from its single tall window, the papers and books protected from the sun by a tired Venetian blind. You know, even though you’ve never been there, that the room is too hot in the winter, but not cool enough in the summer. It’s never big enough for all the stuff that lives there, both the things that are physically in place and those that occupy psychic space in the mind shadows.

Just a tiny space cluttered with books and packed tight with memories.

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  1. The spray cleaner adds a touch of class!


  2. Reblogged this on Sunday Night Blog and commented:

    I had university professors with offices like this. As a matter of fact, I had a back room that used to look like this.


  3. Come to think about it I have always lived in mainly one room, my bedroom. I suppose you could refer to it as my “man cave” and you’d be right. I hibernate there as it contains all my entertainment and communication gear. Although I read a lot it’s all digital now with my Kindle, Nexus 7 & iMac computer. I used to fill shelves with paper book that, once read, I never opened again.

    I tend to eat in my man cave, edit my photographic collection, all digital and sleep there as well. Recently I’ve lived in apartments of less than 200 square feet so I’m used to being neat as you really can’t have a lot of “stuff” piled up all over the place. I’m happy leading a simple, uncluttered life. 🙂


    • I would love to have an uncluttered life, but mine is more like The Lair. I have recently started to weed out the collections, but I know this type of cramped work space well.


  4. Yep, it reminds me of many of my college professors’ offices!


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