11 thoughts on “HARD NIGHT FOR SMALL DOGS”

  1. Ahem…. I love the “exhausted” look in their eyes, after knowing they kept ya’ll up for hours. Then they take a nap, you cannot. Then off to more barkamode, while you pray for a semi-quiet dog night upcoming. Wearing that T-Shirt.


  2. Your dogs are so cute! I just love seeing dogs looking so calm and peaceful. I also appreciate it when they go running around in circles looking so adorable. They are so much fun to have around, I already have 3 dogs and I still can’t get enough.

    – Carl Williams


    1. We had 5 — 3 of them medium and large — some years ago. It turned out, you CAN have enough because that was definitely enough. But they do make our lives so much brighter. I like when they decide it’s time to race up and down the hallway with me 🙂 They are SO funny!


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