Custom Zodiac – You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

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Every astrological sign needs a planet for influence. For this purpose, I am choosing Io, the innermost of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter. It’s the fourth-largest moon, has the highest density, and is the driest object in the Solar System — perfect to represent me since I have the driest skin in the Solar System.

It was named after the mythological character Io, a priestess of Hera who became one of Zeus’s lovers. However, the Roman pantheon doesn’t work for me. I prefer be characterized by a god who represents qualities to which I relate and which I hope are the best of me. The Romans were too bloody, physical, non-intellectual, and generally churlish for my taste.


My patron deity will be Ganeesha, the Hindu Lord of letters and learning. He is a patron for writers and others who are seekers and creators. In Sanskrit, the word buddhi is a feminine noun meaning intelligence, wisdom, or intellect and is closely associated with Ganeesha and the many tales of his cleverness, his passion for writing, his love of intelligence.

Thus from hence forth, those lucky souls born between March 10 and March 17 (note that some minor adjustments may be required using a proper ephemeris) will share many of these characteristics:

Intellectual curiosity, a passion for words, both spoken and written. Often accompanied by some degree of musical talent and for the graphic arts. These gifts can manifest in a variety of ways, both passive and active.

Other, less charming qualities may include shortness of temper, intolerance with ignorance, a snappish dislike of poorly spoken and written language. Inclined to be excessively controlling of both self and others. Not a warm and fuzzy personality, this individual lives primarily in his or her head, which will virtually always win when heart and mind come into conflict.

Despite this, given to periodic flights of bizarre fantasy which may be acted on without regard for consequences. Shows a marked lack of caution in emotional involvements as well as a willingness to try pretty much anything at least twice.

Terrified of insects, but a lover of animals and nature. Not a bad egg, but often a prickly one.

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  1. There’s an impressive amount of knowledge/research here! Ganesha sounds like my kind of god.


  2. (Rather like Pooh, who was born under the name of Saunders. Or Sanders. Or something.)


  3. I was born under the sign in my dad’s little radio repair and record shop at 273 Main Street, West Orange, NJ back in 1945. It said “A1 Radio.” Works for me. 🙂


  4. Nice choice – Ganesh, the deity of wisdom. 🙂
    Oh, they just make many of these deities to have lot of arms just to represent that they have more strength – The logic that I was given. 😀


  5. I learned something today. I had no idea Ganesha was the patron of writers! That makes me happy, as it does my herd of assorted elephants marching across my desk and window sill 🙂


  6. I have a metal plate with an Indian goddess given to me from an Indian business friend, with more arms than normal, that would have been ideal in my earler days for the multi tasking. From your description I am sure where you walk lotus flowers spring out of the earth, who was that guy, Siddhartha?


    • Uh, I don’t think so. But I like Ganeesh. He is the patron of writers and other creative types and a general nice, intellectual kind of guy. Most of the Hindu pantheon have a lot of arms, but not Ganeesh. I’m sure there’s a reason, but I don’t know what it is. I probably should. Believe it or not, I (never read Siddartha even though that made me very un-hip back in the Old Days when being hip (as opposed to getting a hip replacement) was quite the thing. AND most important, this is my NEW computer. And it’s really nice. Really really really nice.


      • I am still waiting for my new computer. I hope I can handle it as well as you. I am not such an expert on the things that lay beneath the surface. I am going to a completely new system. Sort of throw out the windows and bring in the apples.


        • So far, this has been the simplest setup in the history of my life in computing. I made a backup of all my documents and photographs a few days ago to an external drive. Now, I’m copying the files onto this computer. It takes a while. Almost 40,000 photographs. Not so many documents (good!).

          I use Gmail. Chrome is identical no matter where you use it. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and buy Adobe Creative Cloud for photographers. It’s $10 a month. Adobe isn’t selling their products on DVD anymore and transferring the licenses from the old computer is a major headache. At least they are offering it at a price I can manage.

          I still have to copy all my documents. And download Open Office. Have already installed anti-virus (free, from Microsoft, same stuff I’ve use on all the other computer). Have to download my audible player for audiobooks. Then, I’m done. In just a couple of hours and most of that, copying files.



    • If I may answer this one. When Siddhartha was born and took his first steps, lotuses are said to have blossomed wherever his feet touched the ground.
      My (limited) understanding is that in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha is the remover of hurdles, Saraswati is the goddess of learning and Lakshmi takes care of our material and monetary needs.


  7. Ganesha, my favorite God….

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