This weeks challenge suggests we reveal what “afloat” means to us. In pictures.


These two birds are afloat, one in the air and the other, on the water.


Finally, on another note, a reminder from our local Golden Retriever. Tennis balls also float. Someone has to round them up or they will get away.


31 thoughts on “AFLOAT ON SEA AND AIR

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    • It certainly seemed to make that old fellow happy. What could be better? A nice swimming pool all to yourself and a lot of tennis balls floating in it. Life doesn’t get better than that.


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    • I have sold a few photographs, but mostly, I give them away. Beauty shots are hard to sell in any market, but now that everyone has a cell phone camera and a point and shoot, “real” photographers have to make a living doing what amateurs can’t. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, babies, and events are bread-and-butter of the photography world. I totally HATE that kind of photography, so I remain an enthusiastic amateur. I HAVE sold a lot of writing and in fact earned my living at it for my entire career. But you can’t do that with a cell phone, at least — not yet.

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      • It’s in his DNA, poor guy. I had a golden retriever that I used to go to the beach with. I bought her an expensive floating dog toy. She played with it half-heartedly until she saw a man holding a tennis ball above his head, ready to throw it. She grabbed the toy and ran up to him, dropped it at his feet, jumped up and took the tennis ball. It was very important to her to be controlling tennis balls. That’s when I learned that it was more than a game for her; it was her life’s mission. 🙂

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        • Evolution is so weird. Apparently tennis balls are hard-wired into retrievers. The picture doesn’t show it, but this old guy had about 20 balls in the pool which he was determinedly trying to corral. He wasn’t in a hurry. He was just slow and steady. Then some darned ball would float away and he’d have to get it, but all the others would disperse and he had to start again. We all need a career, a vocation. That was his.

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    • Thanks Cee. He was a very old dog, but he knew what he wanted from life. Tennis balls. In his swimming pool. I think it was supposed to be the family pool, but clearly, the dog had taken charge. Him and his tennis balls 🙂


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