I am both proud and humble (an ambivalent state of mind, to be sure) to be the first all-powerful, all-knowing (but generally benevolent unless crossed) Empress of the Internet.

72-alien-102914_14 computer keyboard

My first decree will make high-speed Internet access free and universal. No matter who you are, and where you live … you have Internet access. High speed quality access.

Next, I will demand better software design, more reasonable copyright laws, and far, far lower rates for services of all kinds.

Too long have we been in thrall to the mega-corporate pirates. They who have held our virtual world for ransom will pay the ultimate price — a lifetime without WiFi. I sentence them all to a future of copper wire and gigantic bills from Cable Providers with no escape. Ever.
computer gargoyle

We will also provide you with the computer of your choice, one for each person who signs my loyalty pledge. What, you thought it would be free, no strings? Dream on!

Tablet, laptop, desktop using whatever operating system suits your personal style. My goal is to make your life easier and more fun. Maybe even more productive.

Additional devices will be available at very affordable prices.

I wish I could also give you a decent medical plan and a job, but at least if you’re dying of untreated disease and malnutrition because you can’t buy groceries, you’ll be able to complain about it on the Internet. It’s the least I can do.

Thank you for making me Empress. I will be the most magnanimous yet firm-minded monarch ever. Go in peace!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

26 thoughts on “WHEN I RULE THE (VIRTUAL) WORLD”

  1. Just logged in and your post flashed on the top of the reader. Couldn’t resist it and thought of reading before even checking today’s propmt. Sounds great and you have asked for right things. Essential for survival in digital world of internet. Bowing in front of THE EMPRESS ! 🙂 Off to write mine


  2. Ok, yes, I will vote for you but …
    I don’t want high speed, it might overtake me when I am writing and I may not find my way again, just nice and slow – golden oldie tempo
    I want an Apple watch, but with the latest development. I am still thinking about it, but I am sure you can make it possible.
    I no longer want to be productive. When Mr. Swiss read that he turned a whiter shade of pale.
    I must add I like the selfie you did of yourself, you look years younger.


    1. Thank you and thank you again. You will be glad to know that no matter how fast the Internet may go, it will never go faster than you. It’s funny that way. As for productive, I think that’s a matter of definition. I personally think you are highly productive. Just because it doesn’t bring money in, doesn’t make it less so. Would you like to be First Associate Empress? You can be an enforcer and knock some heads together. We could beat WordPress into shape. That’s worth doing 🙂

      The selfie was taken by Garry. I have found that my best selfies are taken by other people holding cameras. Unless you mean the gargoyle. He is my REAL self.

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  3. Are there any positions in the Empress’ Cabinet for maybe a Minister of Small Animals, or perhaps a court jester? Can my cats each have a computer as well? They’ve always been wanting to post human memes on the internet…


    1. Oh, absolutely. Garry and I are ready to support your upcoming run for U.S. President, too. And in my campaign to computerize everyone everywhere, I would never neglect our furry friends. Bonnie already uses my computer after I go to bed. She leave paw prints on my keyboard.


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