From Paula:


You don’t have to wait in lines or purchase tickets to see it. It is out there open to everybody and free and it changes the character of a town or at least some parts of it. It is called urban art and I love it.

Finding urban art in a town like this isn’t easy. We aren’t urban. Not even suburban. More like exurban or downright rural. Still, there is something.


I’m not sure when this piece was put together. It predates spray paint and graffiti. My guess is it was created around 1888 — the hey day of our town. That was when the Blackstone Valley was the center of New England’s mill and American industry. The river was lined with factories and mills end-to-end.

The river is a lot cleaner without mills, though the town is much smaller than it was at its peak. There’s nothing “urban” about Uxbridge in the 21st century … but it’s a good place to live.


    • There used to be a whole mill complex behind that wall. The mill stopped being a mill close on 100 years ago. Was briefly a sort of mall … and about 7 years ago, burned to the ground … a fire that lasted weeks before it finally was put to rest. All that’s left now is the chimney and the wall with its mosaics. I’m guessing it was built by the owners of the mill. They used to do some really fancy woodwork and art in the public areas of the old mills.


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