Talk about having a lot of photographic choices for a challenge, it’s harder to find things in my files that are not man-made! These are some favorites.

My Logitech mouse
My Logitech mouse
BW robby robot black and white
The Bike Show
The Bike Show
Hallway in an old cotton mill
Mountain dulcimer
Mountain dulcimer

Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge Badge

16 thoughts on “MAN-MADE”

    1. Thanks. Those old mills are amazing both outside and in. Lots of architecture you would never expect in an industrial building. Wood working to a very high standard. But dark inside. no windows except on the front. Must have been a very hard place to breathe.

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  1. What a cute mouse, love the other photos too especial the dulcimer.
    BTW someone is coming to fix our furnace today at half the price of the other guy. Sometimes you get a gut feeling that you’re being had. We’ll sleep well tonight.


    1. Logitech specialized these days in cute mouses. They work and they aren’t expensive, so every now and again, I treat myself to whichever cutie is on sale πŸ™‚

      I think I’ve found a handyman. But the numbers are yet to come and I don’t know if there’s enough time before they weather turns to do anything. If this had happened a month ago … but it didn’t. So now, I’ll call, we’ll talk, and see what can be done. Weather is closing in, though.

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    1. Those old mills are really interesting. This was had been turned into business areas including a TV station, which is why we were there. This was a very small one. Many of them are HUGE.

      The bike show I shot from the car window with a long lens. The show totally blocked traffic so I had a lot of time to shoot pictures as we crawled past πŸ™‚ Glad I had a camera.


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