Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 50

The oddest thing about this week is that it is two weeks before the end of the year. I’m still not sure how we got here so fast.

My house is full of religious iconography. Ancient symbols live harmoniously together in display cases and shelves. This one is from the mantle in the living room. It is a very old bronze of Vishnu riding Garuda, a (modern) bronze dancing Ganeesh, a very small Christmas tree, all against a backdrop of Bergman’s “Jerusalem.”

May your holidays be eclectic!
A cowboy nutcracker guards the fortress
A cowboy nutcracker guards the fortress

Merry whatever you celebrate! It’s all good to me!


  1. Mr. Swiss bought a new Chrismas Tree. It is the same size as the mini tree we already had, but you need no direct electric connection, all done by battery and remote control. We seem to be the economy Christmas family. Somewhere I have a plate with allah written on it in arabic writing from a turkish friend and another wall plate with the Indian goddess Shiva from an Indian lady.


    1. All blessings are good blessings. Those battery-run trees are just beginning to be widely available, but they are still too expensive for me right now Maybe next year, if I feel like bothering. Right now, I feel like what I REALLY need is about 7 more hours of sleep!


    1. In Garry’s current mood, he might blast a hole in Santa then point out that he did it for YOU. And anyway, no one was supposed to get hurt. Santa should have stayed in the sleigh with his hands in the air. We do not have our heads properly tuned to the holiday channel 🙂


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