• It doesn’t look that different in color. It’s just sand colored rocks rather than gray rocks. With sharper edges, but essentially, it’s the same thing. All of these pictures … they were pretty much monochrome from the beginning. it’s why I chose them.


    • I took a lot of pictures on that road. I have a couple of hundred more still untouched by me. I’ve been going back and trying to make use of the thousands of pictures that have just been laying around in files, gathering virtual dust. If if weren’t for you, I’d never remember to even look. Thanks again, for keeping these challenges fresh and interesting and fun!


  1. Very nice, yes there are deserts and deserts.Actually I found black and white not so much different with this challenge, although the textures alter the photos to a certain extent.


    • Ground is mostly pretty much monochrome anyway, unless it’s a manmade patio with different colored blocks or something. But dirt is dirt and grass is grass and rocks are rocks. So all our pictures, in the end, are going to look a lot alike. I tried to show diversity, but it’s not very diverse.


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