Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters A or B

This one took me for a bit of a turn. In my world, other than signs, letters mean books, an award or a sweatshirt. I went all over the house and what I found were books. Many books. As and Bs and even a few Zs for the Zelazny readers in the crowd. Then, I realized … Garry and I are “A” and we live on an “A” street. B was a bit trickier, but I got there. Welcome to A and B and a bit of Red where the Sox are.


Armstrong, the original
Armstrong, the original
Aldrich Street, another original
Aldrich Street, another original
Baseballs in a museum!
Baseballs in a museum!


Boston Red Sox and it's almost spring again
Boston Red Sox and it’s almost spring again
Angelique - Never forgotten, the book that made me ... ME!
Angelique – Never forgotten, the book that made me … ME!

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    1. It is part of the ceiling in Boston’s Symphony Hall. The architect had a thing about Beethoven. You can barely see it without a really long lens. I knew it was there, so I looked for it and found it. I don’t think you could normally see it from the seats. It’s just the architect’s (1890ish?) paeon to Beethoven, but it’s kind of interesting.

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  1. I read Angelique so many years ago, all of them, so I must have liked them. Baseballs in a museum is something completely different. Nice photo of Garry taking a photo.


    1. It was a much better book than we realized. I wish I’d read it in French because the English translation is awful. There was a time when I could have, but I’ve lost my French.

      We have sports museums.

      Garry held the camera until I was done shooting. He is very cooperative 😁


        1. I used to play scrabble alone. You can’t even get an electronic version anywhere. I’ve tried. I have some really old ones, but they won’t run anymore. Funny, because you can get a real set.


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