What a weather year this has been! Three weeks ago, we were digging out of more than a foot of snow. A week after that, we were going around in tee shirts taking pictures of gray winter trees as the ice broke up on the rivers and canals. Yesterday, the temperature dropped into the teens and it was one really cold night.

And then, this morning, the sky is a brilliant, vivid blue. The sun is shining. No flowers … not yet … and it’s warmer. Not as warm as the tee-shirt weather of last week, but warmer. Pretty hard to figure out what any of this means. So here are the skies of the day.

Truly a most vivid blue and hopes of the rest of the world coming alive soon. Leaves won’t be back until May, but we should have lilacs and forsythia and other flowers sooner than that.

After which, will come the caterpillars … but in the meanwhile, I’m trying for an optimistic attitude.


16 thoughts on “VIVID SKY, GRAY TREES”

  1. Ironic that the weather is making almost as much news as Agent Orange. Actually, that’s a good thing as long we don’t have to deal with Mother Nature’s angry outbursts locally.

    I’ll be happy when tee shirt, shorts and boat shoe weather returns. Oh, yes, and regular season beisbol games deflect my mind away a bit from 45 and his legion of mutant minions.

    Maybe there should be instant replays and officials correcting decisions by Scrotus and his irregulars.


    1. Took me a minute or 3 to work out what 45 was ( Hey – i’m from the other side of a not-so-different planet!)

      I think 44.5 would be more appropriate as he’s half what most of the others have been and only half of the voters really voted for him! Hopefully he’ll last half as long as well.

      I’m all for officials correcting the decisions but instant replay and/or slo-mo? that’s more of him than even i could bear! 😉



  2. The weather has been just as strange around here. We had a dusting of snow last night and it looks like a nice spring day out there today. My back yard is filled with robins.


  3. During the night we are still having minus temperatures, and early morning, but it quickly warms up. The days are not too bad, although it was a rainy dull one today.We can have snow until March, but this year has been a mild one and the last snow was beginning Feburary. You can never be sure, but our spring flowers have begun to open. Wonderful photos with the brave fisherman. You won’t see any fishers here yet.


    1. That was a week ago. Everyone’s back in their winter coats now. But maybe next week we can go swimming? We often have snow in March, but last year and this one have been warm, though this one has been just plain … peculiar.


        1. I think around here, peculiar weather is not so unusual. It’s been a wild ride for the last 30+ years. We don’t have much industrial stuff going on. We did, but it died back in the 1920s so it’s been getting cleaner — locally, at least. But New England is always strange. It has something to do with winds and water. We get kind of … everything.


  4. Lovely pics Marilyn. Hope Spring is soon at your door (minus caterpillars! which i’m assuming are the ugly moth kind and not the beautiful butterfly kind – even if the latter still eat leaves) 🙂

    If you need a little warmth – consider an Aus trip… nothing but nineties (90F+) as far as the eye can see here.



    1. No, we will have caterpillars and they will strip the trees of leaves and it will be ugly and scary and I will hate every minute of it. But hopefully, after this, these nasty little bastards will go back to sleep for another 30 years. They were brought in from Europe back in the mid 1800s and they live here now. Every 25 to 30 years, they wake up and kill everything they can, then they go away for a long time. This is year two. We had them last year, also. But hopefully, this WILL be the last year.


  5. Another line of storms expected tonight thanks to a cold front, which is far from unusual for our Spring weather. Only it isn’t Spring yet. As long as we don’t get Summer in May, I’ll let this go….


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