I have to mention that these are the ONLY pictures I’ve ever taken on my cell phone. There I was, on the 60th floor of this amazing building and there’s this view. And I’m wearing an evening gown, more or less. And the only camera I have is in my evening bag — and we know, my women friends that you cannot fit anything much inside one of them. They are the most useless bags in the world.

So there’s a view to die for. It is stunning.

I had the cell phone. The view was waiting. I took pictures. I so very much wish I had a camera, but this is what you get with a Samsung. I played with them because I had some issues with reflective glass in the windows.

We live in a low slung town. I think the map says we are just 700 feet above sea level … and probably, that would be from a hill somewhere. I’m not sure what hill that might be, but no doubt we have one.

Fortunately, we travel occasionally. This is Boston. From the 60th floor on State Street, overlooking the harbor.


I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

23 thoughts on “ATOP BOSTON IN TWILIGHT”

  1. Now you’ve got me wondering what’s the highest up I’ve ever been in a building before. Probably not very high… 12th floor for sure, but that was just a brief visit. I don’t remember where we stayed at the Denver hotel that had about 20 floors, but probably not higher than the mid teens. Let’s just say that as far as buildings go, I’ve never really gotten much off the ground before… and definitely not high enough to see a view of they city like that!


    1. When Garry lived in Boston, he was in the 17th floor of a building over the Charles River. I lived there with him for about a year before we moved and I don’t think we’ve been higher than maybe floor 7 and that would be in a hospital. But this wedding was in this amazing room. One entire WALL was glass.

      Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen a view like that of Boston ever. It was astonishing. Boy oh boy did I wish I’d had a real camera!!

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  2. Great photo, especially the middle one. I remember you going to the wedding and only having your telephone camera, but the photos are very good. I take photos with my telephone often. My photo site Flickr, has a good app and it serves its purpose well for a quick upload of photos. Just take a photo on the phone and it automatically goes online, but private. I just have to do a couple of tweaks, and my photo is ready. Most of my good morning posts are done with the phone, as well as Tabby photos. It is according to how much time I have.

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    1. My phone doesn’t take such great pictures. It’s not one of the iPhones with the high level lens in it. It takes pictures … but … not great ones. I think the view was going to win anyway. I \did the best I could with the glass flare. Up that high, you are ALWAYS behind glass. I have some special software in my better cameras to deal with it, but lacking that, I just did what I could. I’m glad I got pictures, though. I would have been very sorry to not get anything!


    1. I did the best I could. It’s tricky. That kind of shooting — through glass and in this case, VERY clean glass — is always tricky. There are special formats that make the glass disappear, but those cameras weren’t even with us that day. I had a camera with me, but not the “fancy one.” Still, I love the light. Especially the light as evening was arriving.


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